Colonel March of Scotland Yard

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Talking Head07/15/1954
1The Abominable Snowman09/27/1954
1At Night All Cats Are Gray10/04/1954
1The Case of the Lively Ghost10/18/1954
1The Case of the Misguided Missal10/25/1954
1The Sorcerer02/29/1956
1Present Tense03/14/1956
1The Invisible Knife03/28/1956
1The Strange Event at Roman Fall04/02/1956
1The Headless Hat04/11/1956
1The Case of the Kidnapped Poodle04/18/1956
1The Second Mona Lisa04/25/1956
1Death in Inner Space05/09/1956
1The Devil Sells His Soul06/06/1956
1Murder Is Permanent06/13/1956
1The Silent Vow06/20/1956
1Death and the Other Monkey06/27/1956
1The Stolen Crime07/04/1956
1The Silver Curtain07/10/1956
Error at Daybreak07/17/195671
1Hot Money07/24/1956 7:05 pmMidlandsUK88
1Death in the Dressing Room07/28/19566
1The Missing Link07/31/1956
1The Deadly Gift08/14/1956
1The New Invisible Man09/04/19566
1Passage at Arms09/11/1956