Dad's Army

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Man and the Hour07/31/1968 8:20 pmBBC1UK1511
1Museum Piece08/07/1968 7:00 pmBBC1UK1411
1Command Decision08/14/1968 8:20 pmBBC1UK1312
1The Enemy Within the Gates08/28/1968 8:20 pmBBC1UK1712
1The Showing Up of Corporal Jones09/04/1968 8:20 pmBBC1UK1413
1Shooting Pains09/11/1968 8:20 pmBBC1UK1713
2Operation Kilt03/01/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK1210
2The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage03/08/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK1311
2The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Walker03/15/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK16
2Sergeant Wilson's Little Secret03/22/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK10
2A Stripe for Frazer03/29/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK12
2Under Fire04/05/1969 7:00 pmBBC1UK16
3The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones09/11/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK1818
3Battle School09/18/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK11
3The Lion Has Phones09/25/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK18
3The Bullet is Not for Firing10/02/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK3313
3Something Nasty in the Vault10/09/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK13
3Room at the Bottom10/16/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK12
3Big Guns10/23/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK1310
3The Day the Balloon Went Up10/30/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK211
3War Dance11/06/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK17
3Menace from the Deep11/13/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK1111
3Branded11/20/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK12
3Manhunt11/27/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK16
3No Spring for Frazer12/04/196912
3Sons of the Sea12/11/1969 7:40 pmGOLD13
4The Big Parade09/25/1970 8:20 pmGOLD14
4Don't Forget the Diver10/02/1970 7:40 pmGOLD16
4Boots, Boots, Boots10/09/1970 7:45 pmGOLD11
4Sergeant, Save My Boy10/16/197011
4Don't Fence Me In10/23/197011
4Absent Friends10/30/1970 7:25 pmGOLD14
4Put That Light Out11/06/1970 8:00 pmBBC1UK12
4The Two and a Half Feathers11/13/1970 8:00 pmBBC1UK3117
4Mum's Army11/20/19701815
4The Test11/27/1970 8:00 pmBBC1UK2319
4A. Wilson (Manager) ?12/04/197021
4Uninvited Guests12/11/1970 8:00 pmBBC1UK14
4Fallen Idol12/18/1970 8:00 pmBBC1UK14
4Battle of the Giants12/27/197116
5Getting the Bird05/19/197223
5A Soldier's Farewell06/02/197214
5The Desperate Drive of Lance Corporal Jones06/16/197214
5The King was in His Counting House06/23/197213
5If the Cap Fits...06/30/197213
5Asleep in the Deep10/06/197210
5Keep Young and Beautiful10/13/1972 8:30 pmBBC1UK21
5All is Safely Gathered In11/03/197213
5When Did You Last See Your Money?11/10/1972 8:30 pmBBC1UK13
5Brain versus Brawn11/17/197215
5Brush with the Law11/26/197217
5Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel12/01/197213
5Time On My Hands12/08/1972 8:30 pmBBC1UK15
6The Deadly Attachment10/31/1973 6:50 pmBBC1UK1711
6My British Buddy11/07/1973 6:50 pmBBC1UK19
6The Royal Train11/14/1973 6:30 pmBBC1UK21
6We Know Our Onions11/21/1973 6:50 pmBBC1UK14
6The Honourable Man11/28/1973 6:50 pmBBC1UK10
6Things That Go Bump in the Night12/05/1973 6:50 pmBBC1UK10
6The Recruit12/12/1973 6:50 pmBBC1UK13
7The Godiva Affair06/12/1974 7:45 pmBBC1UK25
7Man of Action07/05/197417
7Turkey Dinner11/10/197416
7Everybody's Trucking11/15/1974
7The Captain's Car11/17/197417
7Gorilla Warfare12/01/1974
8My Brother and I05/23/1975
8High Finance05/30/197514
8When You've Got to Go06/06/197517
8Is There Honey Still for Tea?09/19/1975 8:00 pmBBC1UK1413
8Ring Dem Bells07/03/197517
8Come In, Your Time is Up07/10/197513
8The Face on the Poster07/17/197516
8The Love of Three Oranges12/10/1975