Only Fools and Horses

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Big Brother09/08/198165
1Go West Young Man09/15/198198
1Cash And Curry09/22/198176
1The Second Time Around09/29/198187
1A Slow Bus To Chingford10/06/198154
1The Russians Are Coming10/13/198154
1Christmas Crackers12/28/198198
2The Long Legs Of The Law10/21/1982 7:00 pmGOLDUSA65
2Ashes To Ashes10/28/198212:10 pmGOLDUSA76
2A Losing Streak11/04/198212:50 pmGOLDUSA87
2No Greater Love....11/11/19821211
2The Yellow Peril11/18/1982 2:05 pmGOLDUSA65
2It Never Rains....11/25/19821211
2A Touch Of Glass12/02/1982 8:15 pmGOLD76
2Christmas Trees12/27/198265
2Diamonds Are For Heather12/30/198298
3Homesick11/10/1983 8:20 pmGOLD1110
3Healthy Competition11/17/1983 8:20 pmGOLD108
3Friday The 14th 11/24/1983 8:20 pmGOLD87
3Yesterday Never Comes12/01/1983 6:30 pmGOLD98
3May The Force Be With You 12/08/1983 8:20 pmGOLD98
3Wanted12/15/1983 8:20 pmGOLD98
3Who's A Pretty Boy? 12/22/1983 8:15 pmGOLD109
3Thicker Than Water12/25/198365
4Happy Returns02/21/1985 8:20 pmGOLD109
4Strained Relations02/28/1985 8:20 pmGOLD1211
4Hole in One03/07/1985 8:20 pmGOLD10
4It's Only Rock and Roll03/14/198512:20 pmGOLD7
4Sleeping Dogs Lie03/21/198512:55 pmGOLD7
4Watching the Girls Go By03/28/1985 1:35 pmGOLD8
4As One Door Closes04/04/1985 9:15 pmGOLD5
To Hull and Back12/25/198521
5From Prussia with Love08/31/1986 3:10 pmGOLD7
5The Miracle of Peckham09/07/1986 3:50 pmGOLD8
5The Longest Night09/14/1986 8:20 pmGOLD7
5Tea for Three09/21/19867
5Video Nasty09/28/198610
5Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 10/05/1986
A Royal Flush12/25/198622
The Frog's Legacy12/25/198712
6Dates12/25/1988 8:00 pmGOLDUSA16
6Yuppy Love01/08/1989 3:35 pmGOLD11
6Danger UXD01/15/1989 4:35 pmGOLD12
6Chain Gang01/22/198910:00 amGOLD13
6The Unlucky Winner Is...01/29/19896
6Sickness and Wealth 02/05/1989 8:00 pmGOLD
6Little Problems02/12/198917
The Jolly Boys Outing 12/25/198926
Rodney Come Home12/25/1990131
7The Sky's the Limit12/30/199012
7The Chance of a Lunchtime01/06/1991 6:35 pmGOLD13
7Stage Fright01/13/1991 2:20 pmGOLD10
7The Class of '6201/20/19919
7He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle01/27/199111
7Three Men, a Woman and a Baby 02/03/1991 7:50 pmGOLD
Miami Twice: Part 1 - The American Dream 12/24/1991
Miami Twice: Part 2 - Oh to Be in England 12/25/1991
Mother Nature's Son12/25/199217
Fatal Extraction12/25/199318
8Heroes And Villains 12/25/19962222
8Modern Men12/27/199617
8Time on Our Hands12/29/1996 3:20 pmGOLD16
9If They Could See Us Now 12/25/2001
9Strangers on the Shore 12/25/2002
9Sleepless in Peckham 12/25/2003