Beiderbecke Affair

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Beiderbecke Affair: What I Don't Understand Is This...01/06/19858
Beiderbecke Affair: Can Anybody Join In?01/13/19859
Beiderbecke Affair: We Call It the White Economy01/20/198513
Beiderbecke Affair: Um... I Know What You're Thinking01/27/198511
Beiderbecke Affair: That Was a Very Funny Evening02/03/198510
Beiderbecke Affair: We Are on the Brink of a New Era, If Only...02/10/198513
Beiderbecke Tapes: Part 112/13/198712
Beiderbecke Tapes: Part 212/20/198712
Beiderbecke Connection: Oh Look, It's Average-Sized Trevor Chaplin11/27/198812
Beiderbecke Connection: Hello Sir, Hello Miss12/04/198814
Beiderbecke Connection: Is He the Lodger?12/11/198810
Beiderbecke Connection: What Do We Have on Hockey Sticks?12/18/198814