Late Night Theatre

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Sunday Collection07/22/1972
Minister's Bath08/05/1972
Trapped: Chez Madame Thompson10/25/1972
Trapped: Mcleod's Wedding Day11/01/1972
Trapped: Vacent Possession11/08/1972
The Carrier Bag11/15/1972
Staying On11/22/197211:00 pmITVUK5
Time Passing12/06/197211:15 pmITVUK3
Melodrama: The Evil Priest12/12/1972
Melodrama: Steely Jack12/19/1972
Melodrama: Death to the General01/03/1973
Melodrama: The Kong Ting Ruby01/10/1973
Melodrama: The Crimson Scar01/17/1973
Melodrama: The Gypsy's Revenge01/24/1973
The Great Uncles02/21/1973
The Net03/14/1973
The Death of Captain Doughty03/28/197311:00 pmITVUK10
The Eagle Has Landed04/04/197311:10 pmITVUK11
The Old Days05/23/197311:25 pmITVUK5
Family Tree05/30/1973
Feet Together, Hands to the Sides06/06/1973
The Twelve-Pound Look06/27/1973
The New Word07/04/1973
Barbara's Wedding07/11/1973
Yesterday's Girl07/18/1973
We're Strangers Here08/01/1973
She'll Have to Go08/14/1973
My Secret Husband11/20/1973
One's Company04/09/1974
The Peak04/16/1974
The Loss04/23/1974
Two Women04/30/1974
Dear Love05/07/1974
Little Fears05/14/1974