Plane Makers

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Don't Worry About Me02/04/1963 8:00 pmITVUK7
1Them: Or Us?02/18/196312
1You Can't Beat the System02/25/196311
1The Silent and the Damned03/04/1963 8:00 pmITVUK
1The Dividing Line03/11/1963
1The Short Run03/18/1963
1Has Anybody Seen Costigan?03/25/1963
1Lover Come Back04/01/1963
1Point of Contact04/08/1963
1The Testing Time04/15/1963
1The Veteran04/22/1963
1One of Us04/29/1963
1Who Goes First?05/06/1963 8:00 pmITVUK16
1The Blunt Approach05/13/1963
1One of Those Days05/20/1963 8:00 pmITVUK
1A Good Night's Work05/27/1963 8:00 pmITVUK19
Too Much to Lose09/16/1963
2No Man's Land09/23/1963
Question of Sources09/30/1963
2All Part of the Job10/07/1963
Don't Stick Your Head Out10/14/1963
Old Boy Network10/21/1963
2Any More for the Skylark?10/28/196382
2A Matter of Self Respect11/05/1963 8:00 pmITVUK21
Costigan's Rocket11/12/1963 8:00 pmITVUK
The Thing About Auntie11/19/1963 8:00 pmITVUK7
2The Cat's Away11/26/1963 8:00 pmITVUK1514
2Strings in Whitehall12/03/1963 8:00 pmITVUK12
2The Best of Friends12/10/1963 8:00 pmITVUK10
2How Do You Vote?12/17/1963 8:00 pmITVUK12
One Out: All Out!12/24/1963 8:00 pmITVUK16
Loved He Not Honours Me12/31/1963 8:00 pmITVUK13
2A Bunch of Fives01/07/1964 8:00 pmITVUK9
2The Smiler01/14/1964 8:00 pmITVUK10
2In the Book01/21/1964 8:00 pmITVUK13
2Miss Geraldine01/28/1964
2A Condition of Sale02/04/19647
Always Another Saturday02/11/196414
2A Paper Transaction02/18/1964
2A Job for the Major02/25/19649
A Matter of Priorities03/03/1964 9:10 pmITVUK9
2Bancroft's Law03/10/1964
The Homecoming03/17/1964
Sauce for the Goose03/24/1964
2How Can You Win If You Haven't Bought a Ticket?03/31/1964
3Empires Have to Start Somewhere10/20/1964 9:10 pmITVUK
3Other People Own Our Jungles Now10/27/1964 9:10 pmITVUK
3A Lesson for Corbett11/03/1964 9:10 pmITVUK6
3The Golden Silence11/10/1964 9:10 pmITVUK8
3The Island Game11/17/1964
3It's a Free Country: Isn't It?11/24/1964
3A Question of Supply12/01/1964
3The Flying Frigates12/08/1964
3Only a Few Millions12/15/1964
3The Salesmen12/22/1964
3Appointment in Brussels12/29/1964
3A Hoopla of Haloes01/05/1965 9:10 pmITVUK10
3The Firing Line01/12/1965