Man About the House

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Three's A Crowd08/15/1973 8:30 pmITVUK66
1Three's a Crowd08/15/1973
1And Mother Makes Four08/22/1973 8:30 pmITVUK6
1Some Enchanted Evening08/29/1973 8:30 pmITVUK6
1And Then There Were Two09/05/197388
1It's Only Money09/12/197311
Match Of The Day09/19/1973
1Match of the Day09/19/1973
1No Children, No Dogs09/26/19732
2While the Cat's Away01/09/1974
While The Cat's Away01/09/1974
2Colour Me Yellow01/16/19748
2In Praise of Older Men01/23/1974
In Praise Of Older Men01/23/1974
2Did You Ever Meet Rommel?01/30/19746
2Two Foot Two, Eyes of Blue02/06/1974
Two Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue02/06/1974 8:00 pmITVUK
Carry Me Back To Old Southampton02/13/197481
3Cuckoo in the Nest10/09/1974 8:00 pmITVUK7
3Come Into My Parlour10/16/19747
3I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me...10/23/1974
I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me ...10/23/1974111
3Of Mice and Women10/30/1974
Of Mice And Women10/30/1974
3Somebody Out There Likes Me11/06/1974 8:00 pmITVUK7
3We Shall Not Be Moved11/13/19749
3Three of a Kind11/20/1974
Three Of A Kind11/20/1974
4Home & Away03/06/1975 8:00 pmITVUK
4One for the Road03/13/1975
One For The Road03/13/1975 7:55 pmITVUK
4All in the Game03/20/1975
4Never Give Your Real Name03/27/1975 8:00 pmITVUK91
4The Tender Trap04/03/19759
4My Son, My Son04/10/1975 8:00 pmITVUK8
5The Last Picture Show09/04/19757
5Right Said George09/11/19756
5A Little Knowledge09/18/19756
5Love and Let Love09/25/1975
Love And Let Love09/25/1975
How Does Your Garden Grow?10/02/1975 8:30 pmITVUK10
5Come Fly with Me10/09/1975
6The Party's Over02/25/19768
6One More for the Pot03/03/1976
One More For The Pot03/03/1976 8:00 pmITVUK8
6The Generation Game03/10/19766
6The Sunshine Boys03/17/19766
6Mum Always Liked You Best03/24/19769
6Fire Down Below03/31/19768
6Another Bride, Another Groom04/07/197611