Rat Catchers

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Ticket to Madrid02/02/196610
The Captain Morales Story02/09/19666
The Unwitting Courier02/16/1966
Madrid Delivery02/23/19666
The Missing Agent02/28/1966 8:00 pmITVUK6
The Baited Hook03/09/1966
The Umbrella03/16/1966
Thieves' Market03/23/1966
Return of Evil03/30/1966
The Edge of Disaster04/06/1966
Operation Lost Souls04/13/1966
Operation Irish Triangle04/20/1966
Operation Big Finish04/27/1966
Showdown Vienna12/15/1966
Mission to Madeira12/22/1966
Death in Madeira12/29/1966
Midnight Over Madeira01/05/1967 9:40 pmMidlandsUK10
Wednesday in Dubrovnik01/12/1967
Murder in Mostar01/19/1967
Dead-End - Dubrovnik01/26/1967
Big Grab - Amsterdam02/02/1967
Retribution Amsterdam02/09/1967
The Heel of Achilles02/23/1967
The Seven Pillars of Hercules03/02/1967
The Mask of Agamemnon03/09/1967