'Allo, 'Allo

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The British Are Coming12/30/198216
1The Fallen Madonna09/14/198414
1Pigeon Post09/21/198416
1Savile Row to the Rescue09/28/198418
1The Execution10/05/198417
1The Funeral10/12/198416
1Red Nick's Colonel10/19/198415
1The Dance of the Hitler Youth10/26/198419
2Six Big Boobies10/21/1985 8:25 pmBBC1UK15
2The Wooing of Widow Artois10/28/198517
2The Policeman Cometh11/04/198517
2Swiftly and with Style11/11/198518
2The Duel11/18/198518
2Herr Flick's Revenge11/25/198520
2The Gateau from the Chateau12/26/198520
3The Nicked Knockwurst12/05/198621
3Gruber Does Some Mincing12/12/198618
3The Sausage in the Wardrobe12/19/198619
3Flight of Fancy12/26/198620
3Pretty Maids All in a Row01/02/198720
3The Great Un-Escape01/09/198722
4Prisoners of War11/07/198723
4Camp Dance11/14/198720
4Good Staff Are Hard to Find11/21/198718
4The Flying Nun11/28/198719
4The Sausage in the Trousers12/05/198722
4The Jet Propelled Mother-In-Law12/12/198721
5Desperate Doings in the Dungeon09/03/198820
5The Camera in the Potato09/10/198820
5Criminal Developments09/17/198819
5Return of the Paintings09/24/198817
5Enter Denise10/01/198820
5A Marriage of Inconvenience10/08/198816
5Post-Matrimonial Depression10/15/198822
5The Long-Distance Duck10/22/198819
5The Generals' Conference10/29/198821
5Michelle's Secret Love11/05/198819
5The British Invasion11/12/198820
5Parade of Prams11/19/198819
5The Bank Job11/26/198821
5Communists in the Cupboard12/03/198818
5Forged Francs & Fishsellers12/10/198820
5The Exploding Bedpan12/17/198819
5Leclerc Against the Wall12/31/198817
5Christmas Puddings01/07/198918
5Mines Away!01/14/198919
5All Aboard01/21/198918
5The Geneva Express01/28/198914
5Renewing the Vows02/11/198919
5The Big Flush02/18/198919
5Enigma's End02/25/198921
6Desperate Doings in the Graveyard09/02/198919
6The Gestapo for the High Jump09/09/198917
6The Nouvion Oars09/16/198920
6The Nicked Airmen09/23/198920
6The Airmen De-Nicked09/30/198919
6The Crooked Fences10/07/198918
6Crabtree's Podgeon Pist10/14/198919
6Rising to the Occasion10/21/198921
7A Quiet Honeymoon01/05/199121
7An Almighty Bang01/12/199118
7Fleeing Monks01/19/199120
7Up the Crick Without a Piddle01/26/199122
7The Gestapo Ruins a Picnic02/02/199119
7The Spirit of Nouvion02/09/199115
7Leg It to Spain!02/16/199119
7Prior Engagements02/23/199119
7Soup and Sausage03/02/199118
7René of the Gypsies03/16/199120
8A Bun in the Oven12/24/199116
8Arousing Suspicions01/05/199217
8A Woman Never Lies01/12/199216
8Hitler's Last Heil01/19/199221
8Awful Wedded Wife01/26/199217
8Firing Squashed02/02/199218
8A Fistful of Francs02/09/199217
8Swan Song03/01/199218
9Fighting with Windmills11/09/199216
9Missing and Presumed Dead11/16/199216
9René Artois Is Still Dead11/23/199217
9The Fishmonger Float11/30/199216
9A Fishy Sendoff12/07/199217
9A Winkle in Time12/14/199220