Centre Play

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Flight Fund755
The Stick Insect753
William Wilson7615
1Places Where They Sing07/19/19733
1The Girls in Their Summer Dresses07/26/1973
1The Museum Attendant08/02/19737
1The Cornet Lesson12/24/1973 7:10 pmBBC2UK2
1The Illumination of Mr. Shannon12/31/197310:20 pmBBC2UK2
1Dummy Run01/18/1974 9:50 pmBBC2UK7
1Sweetheart01/25/1974 9:50 pmBBC2UK51
1My Last Duchess02/01/1974 9:50 pmBBC2UK2
1Hurt Hawks02/08/1974 9:30 pmBBC2UK4
1Albert and the Mayor's Tree07/08/197410:25 pmBBC2UK5
1God Bless Thee, Jacky Maddison07/15/197410:20 pmBBC2UK9
1Is It Something I Said?07/22/197410:25 pmBBC2UK2
1Mutinies07/29/197410:25 pmBBC2UK5
2Initiation12/30/197410:20 pmBBC2UK5
2The Saliva Milkshake01/06/19758
2Snooker01/13/197510:10 pmBBC2UK5
2The House on the Hill01/20/197510:20 pmBBC2UK9
2A Helping Hand01/27/197510:10 pmBBC2UK2
2The Trip to Jerusalem02/03/19751
2Suggest Tuesday02/13/197510:55 pmBBC2UK2
2Tea at Four02/20/197510:35 pmBBC2UK3
2Letter from a Soldier02/27/197511:00 pmBBC2UK1
2Gambit's Move03/06/1975
2Post Mortem07/07/197511:00 pmBBC2UK9
2Hanging On07/21/19753
2Our Terry07/28/1975 9:50 pmBBC2UK3
2The Ghost of Adelphi Terrace08/11/1975 9:50 pmBBC2UK7
2The Water Baby08/25/19751
2Judge the Bloody City09/01/19758
3Brent Geese12/06/1975
3Hoodwink12/13/1975 9:55 pmBBC2UK4
3The Imp of the Perverse12/20/19751
3You Talk Too Much01/10/197610:30 pmBBC2UK5
3Mirror, Mirror01/17/19762
3Grease Monkey01/24/1976
3England, Summer, Sunday01/31/197610:25 pmBBC2UK4
3The Weekend02/07/1976 9:55 pmBBC2UK2
3In the Labyrinth02/14/197610:30 pmBBC2UK4
3Two Men from Derby02/21/19763
4Commonwealth Season: New Zealand - Old Man March Is Dead05/15/197610:05 pmBBC2UK5
4Commonwealth Season: Trinidad - Home Sweet India05/22/1976
4Commonwealth Season: Nigeria - A Kind of Marriage05/29/1976
4Commonwealth Season: Australia - Sweeping Plains05/29/1976
4Commonwealth Season: India - Apply, Apply, No Reply06/12/1976
4Commonwealth Season: Canada - For the Whales06/20/1976
5Showcase: Riding South08/06/1976
3Piano Lessons08/08/19764
5Showcase: A Man of Morality08/13/19766
3A Wily Couple08/15/1976
5Showcase: The Squad08/20/1976
5Showcase: Fair Tradin' on the Dancin' Ground08/27/1976 8:30 pmBBC2UK4
5Showcase: Only Looking09/03/1976
5Showcase: Sea Change09/10/1976
5Showcase: City of Fear09/17/1976
Auntie Kathleen's Old Clothes02/21/197710:45 pmBBC2UK4
Episode02/28/197710:45 pmBBC2UK
The Tip06/21/1977 7:40 pmBBC2UK
The Sniffler and the Pug06/28/1977 7:40 pmBBC2UK4
Risking It07/05/1977 7:40 pmBBC2UK6
A Passage to Inverness07/12/1977 7:40 pmBBC2UK6
The Rehearsal07/19/1977 7:40 pmBBC2UK1