Play of the Month

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Luther10/19/1965 9:00 pmBBC1UK17
1Passage To India11/16/19656
1The Joel Brand Story12/14/19653
1Gordon Of Khartoum01/18/19661
1Where Angels Fear To Tread02/15/19662
1Lee Oswald - Assassin - Part 103/15/1966 8:00 pmBBC1UK43
Lee Oswald - Assassin - Part 203/15/1966 9:20 pmBBC1UK
1Make Me An Offer04/12/19664
1Death Of A Salesman05/24/19665
1The Devil's Eggshell06/28/196621
2Deflection! The Case Of Colonel Petrov09/27/19661
2Days To Come10/25/19669
2Corridors Of Power11/22/19663
2The Making Of Jericho12/20/19664
2The Cabinet Papers03/14/19674
3Girls In Uniform10/15/19674
3The Moon And Sixpence11/12/19675
3Romeo And Juliet12/03/1967 7:50 pmBBC1UK6
3The Parachute01/21/19685
3Cyrano De Bergerac02/11/19685
3The Corn Is Green04/14/1968 9:20 pmBBC1UK5
3The Tempest05/12/19687
3The Old Ladies06/09/19683
3Man And Superman07/07/196812
3Hay Fever08/04/19687
4St. Joan09/01/19687
4The Male Animal10/13/19683
4The Seagull11/17/19682
4Waters Of The Moon12/24/1968 9:20 pmBBC1UK6
4Mary, Queen Of Scots01/12/1969 8:20 pmBBC1UK16
4Maigret At Bay02/09/19694
4Relatively Speaking03/02/19694
4Julius Caesar04/13/19694
4An Ideal Husband05/11/196912
5The Heiress10/12/1969 8:15 pmBBC1UK5
5Charley's Aunt11/23/19696
5The Marquise12/14/19693
5Three Sisters01/18/19709
5In Good King Charles's Golden Days02/15/19706
5Separate Tables03/15/19705
5Howards End04/19/197023
5The Rivals05/17/1970 8:15 pmBBC1UK7
6Uncle Vanya11/08/19704
6Five Finger Exercise12/24/19704
6Act Of Betrayal01/03/19714
6Candida02/21/1971 8:15 pmBBC1UK6
6The Wild Duck03/21/197120
6Don Juan In Hell04/25/19715
7A Midsummer Night's Dream09/26/1971 8:10 pmBBC1UK17
7The Cherry Orchard12/19/19719
7Summer And Smoke01/23/1972 8:10 pmBBC1UK3
7Stephen D02/20/19723
7The Merchant Of Venice04/16/1972 8:15 pmBBC1UK2019
7Lady Windermere's Fan05/15/197214
7Trelawny Of The Wells08/13/197211
8The Millionairess09/15/1972 9:25 pmBBC1UK99
Mrs. Warren's Profession10/03/1972 9:25 pmBBC2UK6
8Hedda Gabler10/20/19726
8King Oedipus11/24/1972 9:25 pmBBC1UK5
8The Magistrate12/20/19727
Don Quixote01/07/197315
A Room With A View04/15/1973 8:15 pmBBCUK5
8Caucasian Chalk Circle05/16/19732
9The Love Girl And The Innocent09/16/1973 8:15 pmBBC1UK46
9The Common10/21/19734
9The Recruiting Officer11/18/19736
9The Changeling01/20/19745
9The Importance of Being Earnest02/17/1974 8:10 pmBBC1UK9
9The Deep Blue Sea03/17/19743
9The Skin Game05/19/19744
10The Linden Tree09/08/19747
10The Wood Demon11/17/19748
Robinson Crusoe12/29/19745
The Applecart01/19/19756
The School For Scandal02/16/19758
10King Lear03/23/19758
Chips With Everything09/28/19753
11The Little Minister11/02/19753
Loves Labours Lost12/14/19756
11When We Are Married12/29/1975 9:20 pmBBC1UK15
11Trilby01/25/1976 8:15 pmBBC1UK4
11Chester Mystery Cycle04/18/19766
11French Without Tears05/16/19764
A Picture Of Dorian Gray09/19/197614
12London Assurance10/10/19761
Look Back In Anger11/21/1976
12The Winslow Boy01/16/19775
12The Country Wife02/13/19771
12The Ambassadors03/13/19778
12Heartbreak House05/19/19775
13You Never Can Tell10/30/1977
13The Sea03/05/1978
Beaux Strategem04/02/1978 8:05 pmBBC1UK4
13Danton's Death04/23/1978 8:05 pmBBC1UK
14The Voysey Inheritance02/04/1979
14Hello and Goodbye03/04/1979
14The Wings of the Dove04/08/1979 8:10 pmBBC1UK9
14Design for Living05/06/1979 8:40 pmBBC1UK10
15I Have Been Here Before05/24/1982
15On Approval06/21/1982
15Little Eyolf07/19/1982
15The Critic08/23/1982
15The White Guard09/20/1982 9:25 pmBBC1UK27
16Dangerous Corner05/22/1983
16The Gay Lord Quex06/13/1983
16Infidelities09/12/1983 9:25 pmBBC1UK7