SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1First Issue01/02/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK16
1Advice to Readers01/04/196210
1Efficiency Expert01/09/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK13
1Cover Photograph01/11/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK1
1Tea Break01/16/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1Personal Problem01/18/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1The New Broom01/23/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1Sally Speaks Up01/25/1962
1Question of Identity01/30/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK32
1Wedding Group02/01/1962
1Suspicion of Theft02/06/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1Happy Birthday02/08/1962
1Valentine's Day02/13/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1Testing Time02/15/1962
1Something to Celebrate02/20/1962
1Press Reception02/22/1962
1A True Story02/27/1962
1Circulation Figures03/01/1962
1News from New York03/06/1962
1A Breath of Air03/08/1962
1The Party03/13/1962
1After the Ball03/15/1962
1Shocks and Bruises03/20/1962
1Action Stations03/27/1962
1The Ideal Husband03/29/1962
1Future Plans04/03/1962
1Facing the Facts04/05/1962
1A Night Out04/10/1962
1Point of Departure04/12/1962
1Surprises by Post04/17/1962
1A Piece of Cake04/19/1962
1Pets Corner04/24/1962
1The Man for the Job04/26/1962
1Down the Hatch05/01/1962
1Stormy Weather05/03/1962
1Musical Evening05/08/1962
1Talent Contest05/10/1962
1Visiting Hours05/15/1962
1Mixed Receptions05/17/1962
1Home and Away05/22/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1Day of Frenzy05/24/1962
1Moment of Truth05/29/1962
1In a Spin05/31/1962
1The Big Chance06/05/1962
1Garden Party06/07/1962
1Happy Returns06/12/1962
1Man and Wife06/14/1962
1Take-Over Time06/21/1962
1The Proposal06/26/1962
1Faraway Places06/28/1962
1A Day of Problems07/05/1962
1Comings and Goings07/10/1962
Looking Ahead07/12/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1Weekend Plans07/17/1962
1Settlement Day07/19/1962
1Gone Astray07/24/1962
1Evening Date07/26/1962
1A Night Out07/31/1962
1Pay Off08/02/1962
1Moving Up08/07/1962
1Surprise Party08/09/1962
1Riding for a Fall08/14/1962
1Unguarded Moment08/16/1962
1Skin Deep08/21/1962
1The Contest08/23/1962
1Ebb and Flow08/28/1962
1Budget Leak08/30/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1Out for the Count09/06/1962
1Finger of Suspicion09/11/1962
1Detective Work09/13/1962
1The Elopement09/18/1962
1Heartbeat09/20/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1The First Clue09/25/1962
1The Morning After10/02/1962
1Facing the Facts10/04/1962
1Heart to Heart10/09/1962
1Day of Revolutions10/11/1962
1True to Type10/16/1962
1Where There's Smoke10/18/1962
1Burns and Shock10/23/1962
1Who's Who?10/25/1962
1Point of Departure11/01/1962
1The Truth of the Matter11/06/1962
1A Case of Identity11/08/1962
1Questions and Answers11/13/1962
1French Leave11/15/1962
1Lost and Found11/20/1962
1Art and Craft11/22/1962
1The Best Laid Plans11/27/1962
1Profit and Loss11/29/1962
1Setting a Trap12/04/1962
1Sparks Flying12/06/1962
1The Bad Penny12/12/1962
1All That Jazz12/14/1962
1Five More Shopping Days12/18/1962
1Christmas Spirit12/20/1962
1Business as Usual12/27/1962 7:30 pmBBCUK
1Merely Players01/03/1963
1Picture Page01/08/1963 7:30 pmBBCUK16
1Research Pays Off01/10/1963
1Waiting for News01/15/1963
1Staff Changes01/17/1963
1The New Editor01/22/1963
1To See Ourselves01/24/1963
1Changing Step01/29/1963
1Military Honours01/31/1963
1Vital Talks02/05/1963
1The Man for the Job02/07/1963
1Black Ice02/12/1963
1The Magpie's Hoard02/14/1963
1The Thief02/19/1963
1United We Stand02/21/1963
1Shrove Tuesday02/26/1963
1Unofficial Strike02/28/1963
1Normal Working03/07/1963
1On the Edge03/12/1963
1Shock Tactics03/14/1963
1The Winner03/19/1963
1Chicken and Champagne03/21/1963
1The Highway Man03/26/1963
1A List of Names03/28/1963
1The Wrong Idea04/02/1963
1Fire and Water04/04/1963
1A Question of Age04/09/1963
1Tangled Web04/11/1963
1Little Boy Lost04/16/1963
1Sent to Coventry04/18/1963
1Money Trouble04/23/1963
1Mr Bruce Remembers04/25/1963
1Echo from the Past04/30/1963
1The Puffing Doctor05/02/1963
1A Novel Situation05/07/1963
1Bitter Wine05/09/1963
Memoirs of the Truth05/14/1963 7:30 pmBBCUK
1The New Understanding05/16/1963
1I'll Be in Scotland Before Ye05/21/1963
1Auld Acquaintance05/23/1963
1Family Crisis05/28/1963 7:30 pmBBCUK
1The McDee in London05/30/1963
1A Day at the Seaside06/04/1963
1Run Away06/06/1963
1Truth Will Out06/11/1963
1Living in the Past06/13/1963
1Big Brother06/18/1963
1Out in Limbo06/20/1963
1A Case of Desperation06/26/1963
1Welcome Home06/28/1963
1Missing Facts07/02/1963
1Artist Unknown07/04/1963
1Back to Work07/09/1963
1Where Is the Skeleton?07/11/1963
1A Mystery Solved07/16/1963
1Highland Fling07/17/1963
1The Ultimatum07/23/1963
1Power Play07/25/1963
1The Reluctant Heroine07/30/1963
1Principles Won't Stop James08/01/1963
1Who Pays for Leadership?08/06/1963
1Because of Alan08/08/1963
1Stolen - One Cigarette Case, Gold08/13/1963
1Man Proposes08/15/1963
1Investigations Proceed08/20/1963 7:30 pmBBCUK
1A Shower of Confetti08/22/1963
1On the Run08/27/1963
1The Gamblers08/29/1963
1Lost, Stolen, or Strayed09/03/1963
1A Ring for Iris09/05/196319
1Faith and Begorra09/10/1963
1A Touch of the Blarney09/12/1963
1Surprise Packet09/17/1963
1The Sound of Fury09/19/1963
1The Party Member09/26/1963
1The Mighty Fallen10/01/1963
1The Reception10/03/1963
1Alarms and Excursions10/08/1963
1Two Faced10/10/1963
1Two Lovely Black Eyes10/17/1963
1Chain of Events10/22/1963
1Night Call10/24/1963
1Dinner at Eight10/29/1963
1Marmot James Again10/31/1963
1Fireworks All Round11/05/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
Wine and a Weekend11/07/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1You Have Talent - We Want It11/12/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1They Fell Among Thieves11/14/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1The News Breaks11/19/1963
1Happy Birthday11/21/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
The Taxman Cometh11/26/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1Bottled on the Premises11/28/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
Celebration (100th episode)12/03/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
Afterthought12/05/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1No Promises - I'll Take Cash12/10/1963
1Wait for the Bang12/12/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1The New Editor12/17/1963
1A Job for the Boy12/19/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1Dress Rehearsal12/24/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1On Stage12/26/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
Happy New Year!12/31/1963 6:35 pmBBCUK
1Weekend Guest01/02/1964
1A Place of Your Own01/04/1964
A Question of Morals01/09/1964 7:35 pmBBCUK1
1The Enquiry01/14/1964 7:35 pmBBCUK18
1The Opening01/16/1964
1Hand in Marriage01/21/1964 7:35 pmBBCUK
1The Best Policy01/23/1964
1One of Us Must Go01/28/1964
1Love You and Leave You01/30/1964
1Battle of the Sexes02/04/1964
1Unexpected Guests02/06/1964
1Mutual Understanding02/11/1964
1Walls Have Ears02/16/1964
1In the Air02/17/1964
1The Poison Spreads02/25/1964
1The Fatal Call02/27/1964
1An End and a Beginning03/03/1964
1The Night Visitors03/05/1964
1Plots and Plans03/10/1964
1Secrets and Lies03/12/1964 7:35 pmBBCUK
1The Ides of March03/17/1964
1False Evidence03/19/1964
1A Difficult Assignment03/24/1964
1The Eve of the Wedding03/26/1964
1Just Married - Good Luck03/31/1964
1Honeymoon and Holidays04/02/1964
1Rush Job04/07/1964
1Moment of Truth04/09/1964
1Hot and Cold04/14/1964
1Home and Away04/16/1964
1Ian in Danger04/19/1964
1Guilty Conscience04/28/1964
1To Be Delivered by Hand04/30/1964
1Business Not Blackmail05/05/1964
1A Ray of Hope05/07/1964
1Success Story05/12/1964
1Wine, Women, and Song05/14/1964
1Delicate Negotiations05/19/1964
1Parties and Quarrels05/21/1964
1Who Is Eddie Pritchard?05/26/1964
1Crossed Swords05/28/1964
1A Question of Loyalties06/02/1964
1Picture Clue06/04/1964
1To Catch a Thief06/09/1964
1Play on Crime06/11/1964
1The Unexpected06/16/1964
1The Verdict Was Guilty06/23/1964
1Emergency Call06/25/1964
1The Kiss of Life06/30/1964
1Have You Got Anything to Say?07/02/1964
1Hide and Seek07/07/1964
1Find the Lady07/09/1964
1Time of Trial07/16/1964
1A Boy Comes Home07/21/1964
1Old Friends and Familiar Faces07/23/1964
1The Offer07/28/1964
1The Dilemma07/30/1964
1The Bowler Hat Trick08/04/1964
1A Game of Consequences08/06/1964
1Model Mystery08/11/1964
1Unexpected Temperament08/17/1964
1Paradise - My Island Home08/20/1964
1Business with Pleasure08/31/1964
1Treasure Hunt09/03/1964
1Many Questions09/07/1964 7:35 pmBBC1UK
Blow the Wind - Westerly09/10/1964 7:35 pmBBC1UK
1Dear Mister Bruce09/14/1964
1Unconditional Surrender09/17/1964 7:35 pmBBC1UK
1Best Laid Plans09/22/1964 7:35 pmBBC1UK
1Credit Where Credit's Due09/25/1964
1The Warning09/29/1964
1Departure and Return10/02/1964 7:00 pmBBC1UK16
1Friends and Relations10/06/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK1
1Goodbye Forever10/09/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK
1The Shadow of Danger10/13/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK
1Between Life and Death10/16/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK
1A Spy in the Camp10/20/1964
Smugglers' Gold10/23/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK18
1Kooky Christening10/27/1964
1Moving On10/30/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK15
1To the Rescue11/03/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK12
1Over the Wall11/06/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK14
1Mistaken Identity11/10/1964 7:30 pmBBC1UK15
1Home and Dry11/13/1964
1Maiden Voyage11/17/1964
1Tangled Web11/20/1964
1Secrets All Round11/24/1964
1Lost Property11/27/1964
1The Truth Will Out12/01/1964
1Weekend Plans12/03/1964
1Accident - Presumed Drowned12/08/1964
1On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen!12/11/1964
1Seven More Shopping Days12/15/1964
1Change Partners12/18/1964
1Do Me a Favour!12/22/1964
1A Surprise for Christmas12/25/1964 2:30 pmBBC1UK21
1A Partridge in a Pear Tree12/29/1964
1Ring in the New01/01/1965
1Day of Deliverance01/05/1965 7:30 pmBBC1UK16
1Fare Thee Well, for I Must Leave Thee01/08/1965
1Discoveries of the Day01/12/1965
1The Last Straw01/22/1965 7:30 pmBBC1UK14
1Heart to Heart01/26/1965
1Late Call01/29/1965
1A Marriage Has Been Arranged...02/02/1965
1Many a Slip02/05/1965
1Thunder on the Left02/09/1965
1Tell It Not in Faith02/12/1965
1A Family Affair02/16/1965
1Change of Plan02/19/1965
1It Happens to Other People02/26/1965
1Where There's Smoke03/02/1965
1Patience on a Monument03/05/1965
1Blow Hot, Blow Cold03/09/1965 7:30 pmBBC1UK
1Change of Heart03/12/1965
1Food for Thought03/16/1965
1The End of a Song03/19/1965
1The Man from Paris03/23/1965
1The Wrong Set03/26/1965
1The Egnet Sings03/30/1965
1A Cigarette That Bears a Lipstick's Trace04/02/1965
1The Last Act04/06/1965
1A Tangled Web04/09/1965
1Who's Who?04/13/1965
1Never Trust a Woman04/16/1965
1Travellers Return04/20/1965
1Gone Away04/23/1965
1Publish and Be Damned04/27/1965
1Action for Libel04/30/1965
1Plots, Plans, and a Party05/07/1965
1True or False?05/11/1965
1Hide and Seek05/14/1965
1Wild Goose Chase05/18/1965 7:35 pmBBC1UK16
1High Court, Low Court05/21/1965
1Hostilities Called Off05/25/1965
1Best Laid Schemes05/28/1965
1Trouble Brewing06/01/1965
1Any Other Business?06/04/1965
1Time Flies06/08/1965
1Friends and Enemies06/11/1965
1Day of Decision06/15/1965
1Hidden Depths06/18/1965
1Appearances Can Be Deceptive06/22/1965
1The Truth Will Out06/25/1965
1The Off-White Elephant06/29/1965
1Winners and Losers07/02/1965
1Engagements at Sea07/06/1965
1Storm Warning07/09/1965
1Change of Plans07/13/1965
1Trouble Across the Water07/16/1965
1Destination - Paris07/20/1965
1Paris Is for Lovers07/23/1965
1If the Shoe Fits...07/27/1965
1Journey's End07/30/1965