SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Letting Go03/26/200012
1Coming & Going03/27/200014
1All That Glitters03/29/20009
1A Life in the Day03/30/200011
1Picking Up the Pieces03/31/200011
1God's Will04/03/200012
1Confidential Information04/04/200011
1Rub of the Green04/05/200011
1The Mourning After04/06/200010
1Second Fiddle04/07/200013
1Clear View04/10/200010
1Sex, Lies & Red Tape04/11/200012
1Game Over04/13/200010
1Good to Talk04/14/200010
1A Matter of Community04/17/200013
1Mum's the Word04/18/200011
1Under Pressure04/19/200018
1Abide with Me04/20/200012
1Love Is the Drug04/21/200014
1Second Chance04/25/200011
1Sins of the Mother04/26/200011
1Late Action Hero04/27/200011
1Giving It Up04/28/200012
1Loose Ends05/01/200011
1With Friends Like These05/02/200012
1Catch 2205/03/200012
1Damage Limitation05/04/200013
1Twist of Fate05/08/200013
1A Helping Hand05/09/200010
1A Woman's Right to Choose05/10/200012
1Slim Chance05/11/200013
1False Alarm05/12/200014
1Taking Stock05/15/20009
1Never Walk Alone05/16/200011
1Running Costs05/17/200012
1Baby Love05/18/20009
1To Have and to Hold05/19/200012
Coming and Going07/28/200014
Love You Madly10/02/200012
Secrets and Lies10/03/200010
Twice Blessed10/04/200011
Looking After10/05/20008
Not So Innocent10/06/200010
On for Tonight10/09/200010
Beating the Odds10/10/200010
Bitter Pills10/11/20009
Family Law10/13/200014
Do the Right Thing10/16/200010
Happy Families10/17/200010
A Friend in Need10/18/200011
A Lonely Place to Be10/19/200010
Rules of Conduct10/20/200013
Poles Apart10/23/200010
Killing Me Softly10/24/200011
Second Time Around10/26/200012
In Deep10/27/20009
In Too Deep10/30/200013
All Shook Up10/31/20009
How Mad Is That?11/01/200011
They Can't Take That Away from Me11/02/200011
A Home's Not Where the Heart Is11/03/200011
Pretty Baby11/06/20009
Blood Ties11/07/200011
Last Stand11/08/200010
A Matter of Life and Death11/09/200010
Judgement Day11/13/20009
The Sacrifice11/14/200011
Juggling Act11/15/200010
Sins of the Father11/16/2000 1:45 pmBBC OneUK10
Payment in Kind11/17/200010
God's Gift11/20/200011
A Share of the Cake11/21/200011
Pig in the Middle11/22/200012
Big Boys Don't Cry11/23/200011
Love Me Tender11/24/200013
From Russia with Love11/27/20009
Reasons to Be Cheerful11/28/200011
Counting Magpies11/29/200010
Fit to Drive11/30/200011
The Doctor, the Student, His Wife & Her Lover 12/01/2000
The Accused12/04/20008
A Stranger in the Family12/05/20009
Vengeance Is Sweet12/06/200012
A Model Patient12/07/20009
Double Trouble12/08/200011
Whose Fault Is It Anyway?12/11/200010
Chapter of Accidents12/12/20009
A Life in the Day Of...12/13/200013
Last Rites12/14/200010
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus12/15/200012
Sins of the Brother03/05/200111
Abuse of Power03/06/200114
Death Duties03/07/200115
Duty of Care03/08/200114
The Waiting Game03/09/200112
Be Thankful for What You've Got03/12/200115
Always Something There to Remind Me03/13/200112
Safe House03/14/20019
Desperate Measures03/15/200111
In Sickness and in Health03/16/200111
A Breath of Fresh Air03/19/20019
No Smoke Without Fire03/20/200110
Bring Me Sunshine03/21/20019
Change of Heart03/22/200111
Second Thoughts03/23/200110
Educating Teacher03/26/20019
Body Blows03/27/200110
Old Wives' Tales03/28/200111
Unjust Punishment03/29/200111
Play Mistry for Me03/30/200111
A Man's World04/02/20019
What She Wants04/04/20019
A Different Kind of Love04/05/200110
Wants and Needs04/06/200110
Sun God04/09/200112
The Test04/10/200111
Working Blind04/11/200112
Once Bitten04/12/200110
Coming Clean04/17/200112
Get Out of Jail Free04/18/20019
A Wonderful Life04/20/200111
A Fuss About Nothing04/23/200110
Where There's Smoke04/24/200111
Baby Be Mine04/25/200111
Cop Out04/26/200111
Adverse Reactions04/27/200111
It Could Be You04/30/20019
Size Doesn't Matter05/02/20018
Hide and Seek05/03/20019
The Risk Business05/04/200111
Final Cut05/08/20019
Should Old Acquaintance05/09/20019
Father's Day05/10/20019
Unfinished Business05/11/200111
Little Things05/14/20019
A Suitable Alternative05/15/200110
Passive Resistance05/16/200110
The Things We Do for Love05/17/20019
Hush a Bye05/18/20019
Sugar and Spice05/21/20019
Hot Pants05/22/20019
Writing to Charlie05/23/20018
Never Judge a Book05/24/200110
Coming Home to Roost05/29/20018
A Good Mother05/30/20019
Father's Day Too05/31/20019
Truth and Consequences06/01/200110
Face Value09/03/20017
A Twist of Fate09/04/20019
Too Much Too Young09/05/200110
Controlling Passions09/06/20016
Hard Stuff09/07/20018
Nothing to Fear09/10/20017
The Blame Game09/11/20016
Only Skin Deep09/14/20018
All for One09/17/20015
Sons and Daughters09/18/20019
Coming of Age09/19/20017
A Dying Wish09/20/20018
Older Man09/21/20017
Living in the Past09/24/20017
Telling Time09/25/20016
Chip Off the Old Block09/26/20018
A Bitter Pill09/27/20017
Retiring the Past10/02/20017
A Place of Safety10/03/20016
He Ain't Heavy10/04/20019
Old Soldiers10/05/20019
Wishful Thinking10/08/20017
Ancient History10/09/20017
Matters of Principle10/10/20017
Strange Brew10/11/20018
Growing Pains10/12/20017
Baby Bond10/15/20016
Vanessa's World10/16/20017
Twenty Years On10/17/200112:30 pmBBC1UK9
Caring for Mary10/18/20018
Not Any Drop to Drink10/19/20019
Mummy's Boy10/22/20016
Too Posh to Push10/23/20019
A Second Chance10/24/20017
The Postcode Lottery10/25/20016
There Goes My Baby10/26/20018
Too Much Pressure10/29/20018
Stand In10/30/20018
A Parent's Right to Choose10/31/20017
A Whole Lot of Love11/01/20017
Rash Decision11/02/20018
Mum's the Word11/05/20017
Bad Blood11/06/20017
Giving Up11/07/20017
Fat of the Land11/08/20018
Love All11/09/20016
Sense of Duty11/12/20019
Military Manoeuvers11/13/20018
Heavy Drugs11/14/20018
A Word in Edgeways11/15/20018
Stan Loves Cara11/16/20018
Nowhere to Hide11/19/20019
No More Mr Nice Guy11/20/20019
Cat's Out of the Bag11/21/200111
Good Companions11/22/200110
Hearts and Minds11/23/20018
Kissing Babies11/27/20019
Sleeping Beauty11/30/20017
Thicker Than Water12/03/20016
Coming Home12/04/20017
Mother Knows Best12/05/20018
Tittle Tattle12/06/20017
Loss12/07/2001 1:45 pmBBC OneUK10
Falling for Jason12/10/20019
Love Story12/11/20017
Why Does the Caged Bird Sing?12/12/20016
Thin Ice12/13/20018
Message in a Bottle12/14/20016
The Family Business03/05/20028
Martial Arts03/06/200210
No Rest for the Wicked03/07/20029
Bionic Man03/08/200210
Him Indoors03/12/200210
Need to Know03/13/20029
Sweet Sixteen03/14/20029
Who's Going to Know?03/18/20029
Happiness Can't Buy You Money03/19/20029
Rat Man03/20/20029
Stealing Booty03/21/200212
Sleep of the Just03/22/200210
Home Sweet Home03/25/20021
Borrowed Time03/26/20028
Student Bodies03/27/20029
Should Know Better03/28/20029
Food for Thought04/02/200211
A Neighbourly Eye04/03/200211
The First Loser04/04/20028
A Crisis of Faith04/08/20028
A Man You Don't Meet Every Day04/10/20028
Hear No Secrets: Part 104/11/200210
Hear No Secrets: Part 204/12/20028
A Matter of Perspective04/15/20028
Golden Years04/16/200210
The Disease of Kings04/17/20029
It Shouldn't Happen to a Doctor04/18/200210
Warm Heart, Cold Kisses04/19/20027
It Can Be You04/22/20029
Poison Climber04/23/20029
Haves and Have-Nots04/24/20028
I Spy04/25/20027
Keeping Mum04/26/20028
The Moment of Truth04/29/20028
Two Wrongs04/30/20027
Carry That Weight05/01/200210
Never Forget05/02/200210
Trouble Inherited05/03/20029
Relative Concerns05/08/20029
Shelling Peas05/09/20029
Bad Vibrations05/10/20029
Treat Me, Treat My Dog05/14/200213
Motherly Love05/15/20027
Gut Feeling05/16/20029
A Game of Two Halves05/19/20027
Tears of a Clown05/21/200211
No Guarantee05/22/20028
More Is Never Enough09/02/20026
Prescription for a Corpse09/03/20026
Night Terrors09/04/20027
Happy Days Are Here Again09/05/20028
Bulldog Breed09/06/20027
Charity Begins at Home09/10/20027
Stuff Happens09/12/20026
A Wanted Child09/13/20027
Business as Usual09/16/20027
World on Her Shoulders09/17/20029
Silent Partners09/18/20029
Deceptive Appearances09/19/20027
A Matter of Pride09/20/20028
Labour Day09/23/20027
Too Late for Goodbyes09/24/20027
Cool for Cats09/25/20025
Simply the Best09/26/20025
A Terrible Hunger09/27/20026
Different Drummer10/02/20028
Bitten by the Bug10/03/20027
Stolen Moments10/07/20029
A Rock & a Hard Place 10/08/2002
Losing Control10/09/20027
And Then He Was Gone10/10/20025
Stuck in the Middle10/11/20027
Do No Wrong10/14/20027
Beauty Gap10/15/20026
Tick Tock10/16/20027
The Trouble with Arthur10/17/20027
Unfinished Business10/18/20028
Reasons to Be Fearful10/21/20027
For Whom the Bell Tolls10/22/20029
A Quick Fix10/23/20027
Into the Shadows10/24/20028
Humble Pie10/25/20027
Prime Carer10/28/20027
Sleeping Dogs10/29/20028
Shattered Dreams10/30/20026
You Make Me Feel So Young10/31/20028
Nobody's Child11/01/200211
Circle of Life11/04/20028
Heart Beats11/05/200210
Occupational Hazards11/06/20027
Practice Makes Perfect11/07/20027
Treat 'Em Mean11/11/20027
Reasonable Doubt11/12/20028
Time Bomb11/13/200211
Feet of Clay11/14/20029
Swing Out Sister11/15/20027
Cast the First Stone11/18/200212
Afraid to Love11/19/20028
Where We Left Off11/20/20028
A Hole in the Heart11/21/20029
The First Step11/22/20028
Testing Testing11/25/20029
Famous Last Words01/06/20039
All in Vein01/07/20035
Truth or Dare01/08/20037
Suspicious Minds: Part 101/09/20037
Suspicious Minds: Part 201/10/20037
A Dignified Exit01/13/20037
Position of Trust01/14/20036
Black and Blue01/16/20038
To the Bone01/17/20038
Points of View01/20/20036
A Question of Priorities01/22/20037
Food for Thought01/23/20035
An Early Frost01/24/20036
With This Ring01/30/20037
Faking It01/31/20038
Call Me the Wanderer02/03/20037
A Tangled Web02/04/20039
Real Tonic02/05/200310
Second Class Ticket02/07/20039
Jimi Hendrix Is Dead02/10/20038
To Be or Not to Be02/11/20038
Cave Man02/12/20037
Baby Blues02/13/200311
Mar-Cel Wave02/14/20039
Still Crazy After All These Years02/17/200310
Silent World02/18/20037
A Woman's Work02/19/20039
Teenage Kicks02/20/20039
More Than a Job02/21/20039
A Soldier's Lot02/24/20039
When the Bough Breaks02/25/20038
Tunnel Vision02/26/20038
Send in the Clones02/27/20039
All the Lonely People02/28/200312
The Dragon03/25/20038
Zero Tolerance03/26/20039
Different for Girls03/28/20037
A Life of One's Own03/31/20038
Born Again04/01/20036
Gravy on That?04/02/20038
No More Pain04/03/20039
As Time Goes By04/04/20038
An Honourable Man04/07/200314
Nothing But the Truth04/08/200313
Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make04/11/200310
A Taste of Possibilities04/14/20037
Drinking Games04/15/20038
Doctors Are from Mars04/16/20039
Forget Me Not04/17/200312
Mother Love04/23/20038
Faking the Dead04/24/200310
The Road Sweeper04/25/20038
Too Little Too Late04/28/20037
Give It Up04/29/20038
Babes in the Wood04/30/20037
Mr Punch05/01/20038
Keep on Running05/02/200310
In Loco Parentis05/06/20039
Physician Heal Thyself05/08/20038
A Civilised Arrangement05/09/20037
Fugue State05/12/200312
Caught in the Web05/13/20037
Voice of Reason05/14/200310
No Thugs in Our House05/16/200311
Really Ill05/19/20038
Good Grief05/20/200310
The Foundling05/21/20038
Assisted Passage05/22/20038
Grievous Loss05/23/20038
Name and Shame05/27/200310
Put a Smile on Your Face05/28/20036
Nothing to Fear But...05/29/20038
Encountered Briefly05/30/20038
Turning a Blind Eye06/02/20038
You Only Have to Ask06/03/20039
Lucky Man06/04/20038
Loose Ends06/05/20039
Conventional Warfare06/06/20039
Driving Me Mad06/09/20039
Food Glorious Food06/10/200310
Collateral Damage06/11/200310
Fat Lies06/12/200311
All an Illusion06/13/20039
Unlike Father, Unlike Son09/01/20039
Emotional Fallout09/03/20037
In the Blood09/04/20038
Who Goes There09/05/20038
No Refund09/09/20038
To Have Not09/10/20038
Love Hurts09/12/200311
Slippery Slope09/15/20039
Today's the Day09/18/20039
Terminally Uncool09/22/20038
The Time Is Right09/23/200311
Nothing Like Home Help09/24/20038
Aftershock09/26/2003 1:45 pmBBC OneUK11
Alpha Male09/29/200312
Survival of the Fittest09/30/200310
Now You See Me...10/01/20037
Cut Loose10/02/200310
Prodigal Child10/06/20039
Love on the Rocks10/07/200310
How's This My Problem?10/08/20037
Caught in the Middle10/10/20037
Doppelg?nger 10/13/2003
A Red Light Means Stop: Part 110/14/200310
A Red Light Means Stop: Part 210/15/200310
Mexican Way10/16/20038
'Til Death Do Us Part10/17/200312
Time on Your Hands10/20/200310
Deep Prejudice10/21/200310
Back to Basics10/22/20038
Trouble at the Bank10/23/20039
Every Dog Has Its Day10/24/20038
A Weight on Her Shoulders10/27/20038
The Decision10/28/20039
It's a Family Affair10/29/200310
A Job for Life10/30/20039
The Wrong Body10/31/200312
The Caring Profession11/03/200313
Keeping the Peace11/04/20039
An English Woman's Home11/05/20037
Mixed Blessing11/06/20038
Keep It in the Family11/07/20039
Under My Skin11/10/20038
Pain Barrier11/11/200310
The Drugs Don't Work11/13/20039
Say a Little Prayer11/14/200315
The Measure of a Man11/17/20039
Happy Pills11/18/200312
Play It Again, Mac11/19/200318
Odd One Out11/20/20038
End of Innocence11/21/20038
Where Shadows Never Fall11/24/200311
The Long and Winding Road11/25/200312
Out on Loan11/26/20038
Four Walls11/28/200310
Nature's Way12/01/200310
Dressing Down12/04/20039
The Forgotten Warrior12/05/20039
A Fresh Start12/08/20038
Counting the Days12/09/20038
Art of Noise12/10/20038
Cold Cuts12/11/200310
Best Behaviour12/12/20038
Getting the Ride12/15/200312
A Whiff of Sulphur12/16/20037
All I Want for Christmas12/18/20039
House of Cards12/19/200314
Look Ma, No Hands01/05/20042121
Last Minute Nerves01/06/200411
Dead Man Talking01/07/20047
No Pain, No Gain01/08/20049
No Fury01/09/20048
Wheels of Destiny01/12/200410
Home Alone01/13/20049
The Miracle01/14/200410
A Recipe for Disaster01/15/200410
Easy Come, Easy Go01/16/200411
The Good Guys Club01/19/20048
Hidden Harm01/20/200410
No Angel01/21/20048
Look Both Ways01/22/200411
A Late Flowering01/23/200414
Repeat Prescription01/30/200411
Bald Facts02/04/20049
Selling Souls02/05/200411
The Children That Suffer02/06/200410
Baby Doc02/09/20049
Stranger Than Fiction02/10/200411
The Final Curtain02/11/20049
My Stepmother the Alien02/13/200411
Getting On02/16/200411
Two Can Play: Part 102/17/20049
Two Can Play: Part 202/18/20049
Checking Out02/19/20048
One Man's Meat02/20/200411
Amy's Social Worker02/23/200411
Amy's Mother02/24/20049
Amy's New Home02/25/200410
Amy's Father02/26/20048
Acting Out03/01/20049
Stuck in the Middle with You03/02/20047
Inner Circles03/03/200411
First Impressions03/04/200411
Siege Mentality03/05/200411
About a Boy03/08/20048
Odds On03/09/200410
Internal Affair03/10/20049
Close to My Heart03/11/20049
Turning Back the Clock03/12/200410
Four Year Itch03/15/20048
The Birds and the Bees03/16/20048
Holding the Baby03/17/20048
Room 10103/18/20047
Run Baby Run03/19/200410
Two's Company04/05/20049
Cross My Heart04/06/20049
Safe and Sorry04/07/20048
Relative Values04/08/20049
High Anxiety04/13/20049
The Wish List04/14/20049
Sweet as a Lollipop04/15/20048
Last Chance04/16/20047
The Replacement04/19/20048
Past Caring04/20/20049
Having It All04/21/20048
Say the Word04/23/20048
An Even Stranger Danger04/26/20048
A Piece of Paper04/27/20049
Primary Care04/28/20049
Don't Ask, Don't Tell04/29/20048
Gap Year04/30/20048
Rotten Eggs05/05/20048
Sticks and Stones05/06/20049
A Lion or a Sheep05/07/20049
A Soft Touch05/10/20049
A Matter of Faith05/11/20046
Night People05/13/20046
My Way or the Highway05/14/20046
Too Darn Hot05/17/200410
Monstrous Regiment05/19/20047
Rolling Stone05/20/20048
This Too Too Solid Flesh05/21/20047
Hasty Hearts05/24/20045
Daddy's Girl05/25/20046
Keeping Mum05/26/20047
Flower Power05/27/20048
Lost and Found05/28/20047
Off the Chest06/03/20046
A Game of Soldiers06/04/20046
Family Secrets06/07/20047
Moving On06/08/20046
Sweet Dreams06/09/20046
On the Ropes06/10/20047
Wild, Wild West Midlands06/11/20047
A Decisive Moment06/14/20047
Promises, Promises09/06/20048
A Species of Happiness09/07/20048
Ill Feelings09/08/200410
Over the Fence09/09/20047
Catchy Monkey09/10/200412
Beat Surrender09/13/20047
The Games People Play09/14/20048
Angel of Mercy09/15/20049
When Love Hurts09/16/200410
A Wing and a Prayer09/17/20048
A Secret Life09/20/200411
Love Thy Neighbour09/21/200411
Prince Charming09/22/20048
Living the High Life09/23/200410
Dangerous Loads09/27/20049
Only Connect09/28/20049
Watching Myself Die09/29/200410
One Foot in the Grave09/30/200410
Complex Adonis10/01/200410
They Never Cut the Cord10/04/20049
In the House of the Dead10/05/20048
Love Lies Bleeding10/06/20048
Out of Control10/07/200410
What If10/08/20048
Life Skills10/11/20048
An Inspector Called10/12/200410
One for Sorrow10/13/20048
Party Games10/14/200410
Rabbit in the Headlights10/15/200411
Colour Blind10/19/20048
Greens and Blues10/20/200410
Practice Run10/21/20048
Letting Go10/22/20048
My Son the Dramatic10/25/20049
Uncertain Justice10/26/20049
A Friend in Need10/28/20048
Noughts and Crosses10/29/20049
Ugly Duckling11/01/20048
Lest We Forget11/03/20049
Change of Heart11/04/20048
Behind You11/05/20049
Always in My Heart11/08/200411
Wake Up Call11/09/20049
Born to Fly11/10/20048
A Day to Remember11/11/20048
Listen to Me11/12/200411
Doctor at Large11/15/20049
Heart Strings11/16/20049
One Last Request11/17/20049
Medicine Without Frontiers11/18/20049
Hemmed In11/19/20048
Ambulance Chasers11/22/20048
The Daughter I Never Had11/23/20049
A Wake of Vultures11/24/20049
Mother's Pride11/25/20049
A Walk in the Park11/26/20049
Passing By11/29/200410
Sharp Seedlings11/30/200410
What the Doctor Saw12/01/200411
Risky Business12/02/200412
A Season in Hell12/03/20048
Cuckoo in the Nest12/06/20049
Damaged Roots12/09/200410
The Merry Widow12/13/20048
A Woman of No Importance12/14/20049
Old Wounds12/15/20047
What He Wanted12/16/20049
Golden Girl12/17/200410
Give a Dog 01/01/2005
Bringing Up Baby01/04/20059
Dim Tresbasu01/06/200511
True Romance01/07/20059
Conflicts of Interest01/10/200510
Little Lies01/11/20059
Leap in the Dark01/12/20057
Beneath the Surface01/13/200510
Crowded House01/14/200512
Home Front01/17/200510
Dream Lover01/18/20059
Past Imperfect01/19/200510
Coming to Terms01/20/20058
The Happiest Day01/21/20057
Sky Burial01/27/20058
Old Habits01/31/200510
No Place Like Home02/01/200511
Into the Light02/02/20058
Sleepless Nights02/03/20059
Harsh Words02/04/20059
For Love02/07/200510
Flesh and Blood02/08/20057
Wedding Nerves02/10/20058
Death of a Mouse02/11/200510
The Road to Enlightenment02/15/200510
Lack of Conviction02/16/200511
A Good Mate?02/17/20059
The Sweet Silver Song of the Lark02/18/20058
A Rose for Delilah02/22/200510
A Night to Remember02/24/200510
Happy Families02/25/200511
Sport for All02/28/200510
Fat Chance03/01/200512
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle03/02/200510
In the Library, with the Candlestick: Part 103/03/200512
In the Library, with the Candlestick: Part 203/04/200512
Is There a Doctor in the House?03/07/200511
Cause for Concern03/08/20059
Table for Two03/09/20058
All That Glitters03/10/20059
The Devil You Know03/11/200511
My Own Flesh and Blood03/15/200510
Feeling the Heat03/17/20059
Under a Bushel03/21/200512
No Go03/22/20059
Stags at Bay03/23/200513
Birthing Pains03/24/200513
Your Very Good Health03/29/200512
Doctor's Orders03/31/200511
Sons and Strangers04/01/200510
Under the Weather04/04/20058
Hard to Swallow04/05/200510
Lucky for Some04/06/200512
Careful What You Wish For04/18/200512
Locked Away04/19/200510
For Better, for Worse04/20/20058
Fight or Flight04/21/20059
In Custody04/22/20058
Slim Chance04/25/20059
Sour Flowers04/26/200510
The Anatomy of Marriage04/27/20058
Creating Life04/28/20058
Watch the Birdie05/03/200510
Criminal Negligence05/05/20059
Heart on His Sleeve05/06/20059
All Eaten Up05/09/20058
The Truth of the Matter05/10/20059
The Last Laugh05/11/20059
Sister Act05/12/200510
Like Father, Like Son05/13/20059
Jules and Debs05/16/20057
The Bottom of the Glass05/17/20059
Credit Limit05/18/20059
Who Cares?05/19/20059
Catch Me If You Can05/23/200511
The Girl Who Came Back05/24/200510
Call Me Sweetheart05/25/200510
Secrets & Lies 05/26/2005
For the Best: Part One05/27/20059
For the Best: Part Two05/31/200510
The Last, Last Straw06/01/20057
Parallel Lives06/02/20059
Truth Hurts06/03/20057
Good Intentions06/06/200510
Too Much Information06/07/200512
Shoulder the Blame06/08/200514
Another Life06/09/200513
Rose Between Two Thorns06/10/200513
Iron Man06/13/200510
He's My Son Too09/05/200511
The Hand That Feeds You09/06/20059
Beyond the Grave09/07/200510
A World of Their Own09/08/20058
Searching for Strength09/09/20059
In the Nick of Time09/12/200510
A Change of Key09/13/20059
Free to Air09/14/20058
Father's Day09/15/20059
Fifteen Thousand Miles09/16/200510
Three's Company09/19/20058
0 - 6009/20/20059
Tormenting Thoughts09/21/200510
Cry Wolf09/23/20058
Tricks and Illusions09/26/20058
A New Life09/27/20059
Mind Games09/28/20057
A Place to Call Home09/29/200510
Second Chances09/30/200510
A Way with Words10/03/200510
Deeper and Down10/04/20059
Last Words10/05/200510
Father Dear Father10/06/20058
A Wolf at the Door10/10/20059
Holding Back10/11/20058
The Doctor's Wife10/12/20058
Herbaceous Borders10/13/200513
Heroine Worship10/14/200510
Falling Between10/17/20059
Helping Hands10/18/200511
Between the Lines10/19/20057
Blood Ties10/20/200510
Bad Chemistry10/21/200511
Simmering Pot10/24/200511
Time's Arrow10/25/20058
A Trifling Condition10/26/200510
Invisible Woman10/27/20059
Like Mother, Like Daughter10/28/20059
David: Part 110/31/200512
David: Part 211/01/200512
A Dying Breed11/04/20059
Sins of the Father11/07/2005 1:45 pmBBC OneUK7
Never Too Late11/08/20059
Disappearing Quietly11/10/20058
Heartbreak Hotel11/11/200510
Forgive & Forget 11/15/2005
Father Hen11/16/20059
Relative Stress11/17/200510
Perfect Day11/18/200510
A Good Heart11/21/200510
Mountains to Climb11/22/200511
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?11/23/200510
Dream Time11/24/20059
Own Hair and Teeth11/25/20059
The Greatest Love of All11/28/20059
The Family Unit11/30/20058
Lost for Words12/01/20059
Calypso Time12/02/20059
Off the Shelf12/05/20058
Running Free12/06/20058
Broken Hearts12/07/20058
Whose Party Is It Anyway?12/08/200510
In Her Own Shoes12/09/20059
Something to Hold Onto12/12/200510
Model Behaviour12/13/200510
The Truth Is in There12/14/200510
Tough Love12/15/20059
What Price Love?12/16/200510
Positively Blooming01/03/20069
The First Cut: Part 101/04/20068
The First Cut: Part 201/05/20068
A Slip of the Mind01/06/20068
Snakes and Property Ladders01/09/20069
Family Ties01/10/20067
Mirror, Mirror01/11/20068
A Guilty Conscience01/12/20067
Forsaking All Others01/13/20067
Goodbye Mrs Chips01/23/20069
Looking After Mum01/24/20068
Flying High01/25/20066
Father Dearest01/26/20067
A Very Important Date01/27/20067
Change of Heart02/01/20069
An Attention Deficit02/02/20067
Bare Faced Cheek02/03/20068
Love Me and Lose Me02/06/20069
Watching Me, Watching You02/07/20067
Ashes to Ashes02/09/20069
Out of the Past02/10/20069
A Mother's Love02/13/200610
Bright Spark02/14/200610
Pushed to the Limit02/15/20068
Facing Up02/20/200610
System Check02/21/200611
The Tick Tock Man02/22/20068
Someone to Watch Over Me02/23/200610
The Double Dealer02/24/20069
Family Values02/27/20069
Three's a Crowd02/28/200612
Young Mothers Do Have 'Em03/01/20069
Ignorance Is Bliss03/02/20068
After the Roses03/03/20069
Step by Step03/06/200610
Honourable Gentlemen03/08/200610
Kiss Goodbye03/09/200611
Man's Best Friend03/10/200610
Half Empty03/13/200611
Family History03/14/20069
For My Baby03/15/20069
Black and Blue03/16/20068
Abuse of Power03/17/200611
Lost Time03/20/200610
Now That He's Gone03/24/20068
Too Much Knowledge03/27/20069
R U OK?03/28/20067
Young at Heart03/29/20068
The Sting03/30/20068
True Wealth03/31/20067
Something I Ate04/03/200611
Burn Out04/04/20068
Marilyn, Sometimes04/05/20068
Home from Home04/06/20069
A Question of Time04/11/200610
Another Suitcase, Another Hall04/12/20068
Words & Music 04/13/2006
Strictly Bedroom04/24/200610
Nobody's Perfect04/25/20068
Vote for Me04/26/20068
A Golfer's Tale05/02/20068
Full Disclosure05/03/20069
All Dressed Up05/04/20068
Long Ago and Far Away05/05/200610
Keys to the Heart05/08/20067
Absolutely Positive05/09/20067
Away Day05/11/20069
Fair Exchange05/12/20068
First Impressions05/15/20069
Nobody Knows But Me05/16/20068
Too Soon05/17/20069
School's Out05/18/20068
Bad Girl05/19/20068
The Friends of Mary Magee05/22/200610
The Real Thing05/23/200610
The Man of the Family05/24/20068
A Different Kind of Love05/26/20067
The Best for Martin05/30/20067
Another Chance05/31/200610
Ghost in the Machine06/02/20069
For Better for Worse06/05/20068
Tragic Hero06/06/20068
Aversion Therapy06/07/20068
Junk Soul Brothers06/08/20069
Green Fingers06/12/20068
Fighting Talk06/15/20067
Greener Grass09/04/200610
Holding the Baby09/05/20069
Daddy Cool09/06/20067
Second Best09/08/200610
All in the Mind09/12/20068
The Other Side09/14/20068
Coming Up Roses09/15/20067
One of Them09/18/20067
Things to Do09/19/20068
Running Time09/20/200611
Access Denied09/22/20069
Last Laugh09/25/20068
Of All the Car Parks in All the World09/26/20068
Life Support09/27/20069
The Wedding: Part One09/28/20068
The Wedding: Part Two09/29/20068
Guilt Trip10/02/20068
In the Driving Seat10/03/20069
Books and Covers10/04/20067
Dying Happy: Part One10/05/20068
Dying Happy: Part Two10/06/20068
It's Not the Cough That Carries You Off10/09/20068
No Smoke10/10/200610
The Big Bad10/11/200611
Something Borrowed, Something Blue10/12/20069
Flying Feathers10/13/20069
Growing Up Fast10/16/20068
Rainy Days & Sundays 10/17/2006
Fiddler on the Roof10/18/20069
Joint Effort10/19/20069
Sleepless in Selly Heath10/20/200611
One for the Road10/23/200611
New Life10/24/200611
Nowhere to Turn10/25/20068
Year of the Rat10/26/200610
The Sound of Rainbows10/27/200612
Errors of Judgement10/30/20069
Trick or Treat10/31/20069
The One You Love11/01/20069
A Moment of Tension11/03/200610
Thicker Than Water11/06/200610
Watch the Birdie11/08/20068
Trophy Wife: Part 111/09/20069
Trophy Wife: Part 211/10/20069
Temper Temper11/13/20069
Early One Mourning11/14/200610
Dying for Love11/15/20067
All Aboard11/16/200611
The Protector11/17/200610
Crossed Wires11/20/200611
The Luckiest Girl in School11/21/200610
A Rash Decision11/22/200611
Fat Is a Fetishist Issue11/23/20068
Moving On11/29/20068
A Regular Fare11/30/200610
Before the Fall12/04/20069
Cat and Mouse12/05/200612
In the Balance12/06/200611
Spend, Spend, Spend12/07/20067
A Woman's Place12/08/200610
The Comedians12/11/200610
The Jazz Man12/12/20067
Enduring Love12/13/200611
Skin Deep12/14/20067
About Face12/15/20068
All You Need Is...12/18/200610
Blaze of Glory12/19/200611
One Day, Maybe12/20/20068
Count on Me12/21/200611
One Part TLC, Two Parts Shoe Leather12/22/200612
'Ketchup on That?'01/02/20079
Someone to Love01/03/20078
A Simple Mistake01/04/20079
Lost Boys01/08/20079
Bat Girl01/09/20078
A Helping Hand01/10/20079
Hanging On01/11/20079
Party Politics01/12/200710
Mother's Ruin01/15/20078
The Good Samaritan01/17/20079
Wings and Needles01/18/20078
Sex, Tears and LetherBridge01/19/20079
The Good Daughter01/29/200711
Pot Shots01/30/200711
Scrub Away, Scrub Away01/31/200711
The Hero Inside02/01/200710
Sleeping Dogs02/02/200710
Every One a Winner02/05/200711
Mixed Messages02/06/200710
The Kindest Cut02/07/20078
Happiness Is an Option02/08/200711
The Guru02/09/20079
Words Unspoken02/12/200711
The Deal02/13/200711
Cross My Heart02/14/200710
Two Hearts, One Beat02/15/200712
Hard Case02/16/200711
Heart of the Matter02/19/20077
The Crook, the Brief, His Wife and the Cover Up02/21/200710
Playing Dad02/26/20077
Caged Bird02/27/200710
Parallel Lines02/28/20078
You're My Thrill03/01/20078
Torn in Two03/02/20078
Damage Control03/05/20079
Dying for a Drink03/06/20079
No Smoke Without Fire03/07/20079
A Family Inheritance03/08/20078
Once Bitten03/09/20079
Second Helpings03/13/200710
Invisible Touch03/14/200710
Washing That Man Right Out of Her Hair03/15/20078
Stealing Grief03/19/20078
One More Chance03/20/20078
Lonely Hearts03/21/200718
Blind Drunk03/22/20079
Do It Yourself03/27/20078
Force of Habit03/28/20079
Last Orders03/29/20079
Fantasy Football03/30/200710
White Lie04/02/20077
Stand by Me04/03/20077
Spanish Practice04/05/20079
Private Dancers04/10/20079
Open Wounds, Hidden Scars04/11/20079
The Darker the Berry04/12/20079
Barbie Girls04/23/20077
Red, White & Blue 04/24/2007
Fairies at the End of the Garden04/25/20076
A World Away04/26/20076
Opportunity Knocks04/30/20075
Social Disease05/01/20078
Is You Is05/02/20077
Bitter Medicine05/03/20073
Born and Bread05/04/20076
Paper Tiger05/08/20076
Personal Services05/09/20075
Fear and Loathing05/10/20077
Bringing Up Baby05/11/20078
Divided Loyalties05/14/20076
Sick Note05/16/20076
Ice in the Blood05/18/20078
Green Pastures05/21/20077
Without You05/24/20077
Serving Time05/25/20076
Made to Order05/29/20076
Living with the Past05/30/20075
Growing Pains05/31/20076
See You in the Morning06/01/20077
Play Your Cards Right: Part One06/04/20076
Play Your Cards Right: Part Two06/05/20077
Use Me06/06/20076
Best Days of Your Life06/07/20078
Teenage Kicks06/08/20078
Undying Love06/11/20079
Out of Control06/12/200710
Losing It All06/14/20076
Victim Support06/18/200710
Bodies at Rest and in Motion07/09/20077
Pennies from Heaven07/10/20077
Straight Bat07/11/20079
One Named Peter...07/12/20078
First Impressions07/13/20078
That's Amore07/16/20079
Goat or Donkey?07/17/20077
A Sting in the Tail07/18/20077
The Secret to Success07/19/20075
Nightlife and Lowlife07/20/20076
Feeling the Heat07/23/20078
Raw Deals07/24/20077
Just Deserts07/25/20078
A Secure Relationship07/26/20078
Innocence Lost07/27/20076
There Was an Old Lady...07/30/20076
L O L07/31/20077
Someone to Care About08/01/20075
The Naked Truth08/02/20077
Desperate Measures08/03/20076
Quid Pro Quo08/06/20079
Deceptive Appearances08/07/20079
For the Love of Bob08/08/20078
Sink or Swim08/09/20077
Blind Sided08/10/20079
What the Eye Don't See08/13/20077
Invisible Enemy08/15/20078
The Big Decision08/16/20078
Next Door to Alice08/17/20078
Dying to Please08/20/20078
A Passing Phase08/21/20079
One Good Turn08/23/20078
Wedding Bells, Warning Bells08/28/20079
The Weight of the World08/29/200711
Flying Solo08/30/20079
The Gift Horse08/31/200711
Anything You Can Do09/03/200711
Pills and Pork Scratchings09/04/200711
The Agony and the Ecstasy09/05/20079
Que Sera Sera09/07/200711
The Prodigal Son09/10/200711
Hearts of Stone09/11/20079
Gloria's Gift09/12/200710
M?nage ? Trois 09/13/2007
Flights of Fantasy09/14/20079
Labour of Love09/17/20079
Compromising Positions09/19/20078
One Life09/20/20078
Just Nerves09/21/20078
Pleasure Island09/24/20077
Damage Limitation09/25/200711
Boom Boody-Boom Boody-Boom Boody-Boom09/26/20078
Bad Boys09/27/200711
Up, Up and Away09/28/20079
Truth Be Told10/01/20079
Fast Girl10/02/20078
Rebel, Rebel10/03/200710
Baby Be Mine10/04/200710
In a Hole10/05/200710
A Nice Day Off10/08/200710
Mr Woodson and the Avaricious Tortoise10/09/200710
Off the Edge10/10/200710
Brotherly Love10/11/20078
Raising the Roof10/12/200710
Bon Voyage10/15/20077
Daddy's Girl10/16/20077
Careers Day10/17/20078
New Balls Please10/19/20078
Devil and the Deep Blue10/22/20077
Come Dancing10/23/20079
The White Queen10/24/200710
Another Fine Mess10/25/20078
The Human Touch10/26/200710
Acting Up10/29/20078
Evil Spirits10/31/20077
The Story of My Life11/01/20078
No More Heroes11/02/20077
Bonfire Night11/05/20077
Background Noise11/06/20078
Kiss and Tell11/07/20079
Lost Property11/08/20078
Angels and Shadows11/09/200710
Remember, Remember11/12/20078
Blanked Out11/13/20078
From Scratch11/15/20077
Where the Heart Is11/16/200710
Out of this World11/20/200710
The Seeds We Sow11/21/20078
Change the Record11/22/200712
A Little Understanding11/23/20079
Good Naked, Bad Naked11/26/200710
Advice Fatigue11/27/20079
Post Mortem11/30/20079
Seize the Day12/03/200710
Along the Way12/04/20078
A Precautionary Tale12/05/20079
A Kiss Before...12/06/20078
Home for Christmas12/07/20079
The Big Issue12/10/200710
Smells Like Teen Spirit12/11/20077
Lost and Found12/12/20079
Where Angels Fear to Tread12/13/20077
Hammer Blow12/17/20078
An Inconsolable Loss12/18/200710
Happy Returns12/19/20077
No Way Out: Part One12/20/200712
No Way Out: Part Two12/21/200713
Before I Wake01/07/20089
Sweet Surrender01/08/20089
The Man Who Wasn't There01/09/200810
Very Important Prisoner01/10/200811
The Ties That Bind01/11/20089
Boy Trouble01/14/200813
Liar Liar01/15/200812
Conflicts of Interest01/16/200812
Duvet Days01/17/200812
And the Beat Goes On...01/18/2008 1:45 pmBBC OneUK12
All the Same01/23/20088
Tread Softly01/24/20088
Up Close and Personal01/25/20089
The Cold Sweat of Morning01/28/20088
Something for the Pain01/29/200810
Last Chance01/30/200811
All the Lonely People01/31/200812
Yesterday's News02/01/200810
Jack the Lad02/04/20089
Sound and Fury02/05/20089
Perfect Fit02/06/20089
Something's Gotta Give02/07/20089
Tainted Love02/08/20089
Parting Glances02/11/20089
Stand Up and Be Counted02/12/200810
Love and Moonlight02/13/20088
Family Ties02/14/20089
All in Its Own Time02/15/20088
Never Too Late02/18/200810
Re: Pete02/19/200811
Two Out of Ten02/20/20089
Rescue Dog02/21/200811
A Clip Round the Ear02/22/20088
Ready or Not?02/25/200813
Groomed for the Game02/26/200813
A Little Knowledge...02/27/200813
Final Accounts02/28/200811
Managing Expectations02/29/200810
An Exercise in Truth03/03/200811
Family Secrets03/04/200812
Fears, Feats & the Frooms 03/05/2008
The Party's Over03/06/200811
Mr Ten Percent03/07/200812
Space to Breathe03/10/200810
Mama Sings the Blues03/11/200810
Gathering Light03/12/200810
Hopelessly Devoted03/13/20089
Out with the Bathwater03/14/20089
Foreign Affairs03/17/200810
Another Day03/18/200810
Attack of the Centorts: Part 103/19/200812
Attack of the Centorts: Part 203/20/200812
Tuning Out03/31/20088
School's Out04/01/20088
Words Left Unsaid04/02/200810
Speak Up04/03/200811
All in a Name04/04/200811
Lady Muck04/07/20088
Stabbed in the Back04/08/20087
Eye of the Beholder04/09/20087
And the Winner Is...04/10/20089
A Pain in the...04/14/20085
Shine a Light On04/15/20084
The Awakening04/16/20086
Tear Away04/17/20089
Hidden Demons04/18/20087
Standing Up04/21/20088
Imitation of Life04/22/20087
The Homecoming04/23/20083
The Hex04/24/20088
Crimes and Punishments04/25/20085
Little Brother04/28/20086
Making Your Bed05/01/20083
Making a Splash05/02/20085
Photo Finish05/06/20089
Cat Fight05/07/20087
Friends Like These05/08/20085
Hearts Will Go On05/09/20083
Hush Little Baby05/12/20086
Sweet Success05/13/20085
The Ticking Clock05/14/20087
What the World Needs Now05/15/20088
Holding On05/16/20088
Life's a Beach05/19/20086
It's a Sin05/20/20087
Need to Know05/21/20087
Walking Wounded05/22/20087
Love and War05/23/20086
No. 78605/27/20089
The Appointed Hour05/28/20083
Rebirth Day05/29/20088
Creature Comforts05/30/20084
Pass the Parcel06/02/20088
A Woman's Touch06/03/20086
Spice Wars06/04/20083
Head and Heart06/05/20087
My Cup Runneth Over with Love06/06/20087
The One06/09/20083
A Step Too Far06/11/20087
Endless Love06/12/20085
Inside Out06/13/2008 1:45 pmBBC OneUK6
Geraldine Mooney's Departed06/16/20088
A Kind of Hush07/07/20088
Mummy Dearest07/08/20089
You'll Be a Man, My Son07/09/20087
Fall Upon Your Sword07/10/20089
Face in the Crowd07/11/20086
Served Cold07/14/20087
The Transfer Season07/15/20085
Stranger on a Bridge07/16/20085
Dare, Double Dare, Truth07/17/20088
Big Momma07/18/20088
The Lost Letter07/21/20088
Home, Sweet Home07/22/200810
Destiny Day07/23/20086
Forbidden Fruit07/24/20085
Hunky Dory07/28/20086
Everything But the Girl07/29/20087
The Front Page07/30/20085
Witness to a Wedding07/31/20087
Old Green Eyes08/01/20089
One Dog Day08/04/20085
Regular Fare08/05/20087
Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?08/06/200810
Love Rat08/07/20085
These Prison Walls08/26/20086
Stranger in a Strange Land08/27/20086
Fashion First08/28/20088
Part of You08/29/20086
Number One Fan09/01/20089
Maximum Load09/02/20088
The Third Challenge09/04/20087
The Universe Provides09/05/200810
The Horrors09/08/20089
Girl X09/09/200811
Eat for Two09/10/20089
True Colours09/11/200810
Kiss My Asp09/12/20089
In the Dark09/15/200810
Everything Counts09/16/20088
Action Replay09/17/200810
After Celia09/19/200810
The Watcher09/23/20087
Seeing Red09/25/20085
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark09/26/20089
Through the Looking Glass09/29/20085
A Lesser Man10/01/20086
Ben and Norah10/03/20085
Light Fingers, Loose Tongues10/06/200810
Walking on Sunshine10/07/200812
Heroes and Villains10/08/20087
Under Control10/09/2008 1:45 pmBBC1UK8
Hunger Strike10/10/2008 1:45 pmBBC1UK7
The Lollipop Man10/13/200810
Wooden Heart10/14/20088
Anger Management10/16/200811
The Last Time10/17/20089
Don't Try This at Home10/20/20087
Brick Teasers10/21/20089
Baby I Love You10/22/20084
Aladdin's Cave10/23/20088
Heston C in Da House10/24/20083
Altered States10/29/20087
Kiss of Death10/30/20088
Here Be Monsters10/31/20085
A Spot of Comedy11/03/20087
Miss Letherbridge11/04/20088
Daddy Darling11/06/200811
Chill Out11/07/20086
I Know What You Did Last Semester11/10/20087
Safe Haven11/11/20085
What's Love Got to Do with It?11/13/20084
Trapped in Space11/14/20086
Fragile Minds11/17/20085
A Room Full of Strangers11/18/20083
Making an Argument11/19/200810
The Power of Three11/20/200813
My Son the Guinea Pig11/21/200810
VIP Treatment11/24/20086
The Milky Way11/25/20085
From the Ashes11/27/20084
The Visit12/02/20089
Sandra's Grotto12/04/20086
Head Case12/05/20089
Pink Ribbon12/08/20087
The Perfect Couple12/09/20088
Testing Times12/10/20086
The Cuckold King12/12/20086
The Honeytrap12/16/20085
Daylight Robbery12/17/20087
The Break Out12/18/20087
Naughty or Nice12/19/20086
Forgive Us Our Sins01/05/2009 1:45 pmBBC1UK9
My Other Life01/06/20097
Little by Little01/07/200910
A Bit of What You Fancy01/08/20097
Schlock, Stock and Two Smoking Harolds01/09/20099
Facing the Music01/13/20093
Wandering Off01/15/20098
Tigger and the Gold Digger01/16/20099
Altered Ego01/19/20094
You People01/20/20096
Arranged Family01/21/20097
We'll Meet Again01/22/20098
Don't Say a Word01/23/20096
The Old Fashioned Way01/26/20097
Moments in the Sun01/27/20095
Voice Control01/29/20096
Love Will Find a Way01/30/20099
The End of the World02/02/20099
Vantage Point02/04/20097
Dear Diary02/05/20098
Silently Screaming02/06/20098
Tempt Not a Desperate Man02/09/20098
Violent Delights Have Violent Ends02/10/200914
O True Apothecary02/11/200912
A Plague on Both Your Houses02/12/20098
Sweet Good Night02/13/20099
Defining Happy02/16/20096
Baby Bliss02/17/20095
First Love Last Love02/19/20099
Towards the Light02/20/20097
Mac's Women02/23/200910
Click: Part One02/24/20093
Click: Part Two02/25/20093
Fly by Night02/27/20098
Dem Bones03/02/20099
Old Haunts03/03/20098
Little White Lies03/06/20099
The Two Leo Beckfords03/09/20099
Road to Recovery03/10/200910
A Life in Pictures03/11/20099
Flimflam Thank You Man03/12/200910
The Thirteenth03/13/20096
Heal Thyself03/17/200910
Over the Cracks03/19/20099
Hillgate J-91: Part One03/23/20099
Hillgate J-91: Part Two03/24/20099
Love, Labour, Lust03/26/200911
The Right Time03/27/200913
Strange Little Girl03/30/20094
Love Letters Straight from the Heart04/01/20096
The Wall04/02/20094
The Way I Am04/03/20095
The Final Straw04/06/20098
Got the T-Shirt04/14/20097
Much Ado About Something04/16/20095
Stealing Beauty04/17/20099
Unchained Melody04/20/20093
Sorrow's Gift04/22/20094
Ladies Man04/23/20097
Footlights and Flounces04/24/20099
Playing Away04/27/20097
Such Devoted Sisters05/01/20095
Code of Silence05/05/20097
Hang Onto Nurse05/07/20099
Clubbing Together05/08/20095
Consequential Loss05/11/20095
I Kissed a Girl05/12/20094
Worlds Apart05/15/20098
Sound of Silence05/20/200911
Old Friends05/21/20099
Beating Around the Bush05/22/20098
Hamilton Is Out05/26/20098
Bed Hopping Mad05/27/20096
Some Romance05/28/20098
No Going Back05/29/200910
Carpe Diem06/01/20098
Musical Bumps06/02/200910
Red Letter Day: Part One06/03/200910
Red Letter Day: Part Two06/04/200911
Chicken Boy06/08/20096
The Lodger06/09/20097
Heartfelt Gestures06/10/20092
The Lion and the Lamb06/11/20097
The Real Me06/12/200910
Prejudice and Pride06/15/200910
Crisis? What Crisis?07/06/200911
The Real World07/07/20098
An Englishman's Home07/08/20097
Booty Call07/10/200912
Turkish Delight07/13/200910
New Labour07/15/20097
Tracing the Lines07/16/20098
Art of War07/17/20099
Gentlemen's Excuse Me07/21/2009 1:45 pmBBC OneUK7
But for the Grace of God07/22/20094
Vera Pym07/23/20097
History Repeated07/24/20097
Chef's Secret07/28/20098
What Will Be, Will Be07/29/200911
The MacGyvers07/30/20099
Dolly Mixtures07/31/200911
No Way Out08/03/200910
Tears for Souvenirs08/04/20099
It's Good to Talk08/05/20097
A Bit of a Pickle08/07/20097
Hot Milk and Butterscotch08/11/20098
The People at the Top of the Stairs08/12/20099
Gone to the Dogs08/14/20099
Face to Face08/17/20097
All About My Mother08/18/200912
There's No Telling: Part One08/19/200911
There's No Telling: Part Two08/20/200910
In the Cold Hard Light of Day08/21/20099
Puncture Repair08/24/20098
Empty Nest08/25/2009121
Clowntime Is Over08/26/20098
Cradle to Grave08/27/200911
If You Love Somebody08/28/20098
Basic Instincts09/02/20095
Toss of a Coin09/07/20093
Hello, Hello, Hello09/08/20099
Get a Life09/09/200911
His Coy Mistress09/10/20098
Maternal Instincts09/11/20099
Trophy Girlfriend09/14/20099
Fifteen Minutes09/15/20097
The Very Thought of You09/16/20095
The Open Road09/17/200910
Last Supper in Suburbia09/18/20098
Volte Face09/21/20098
Bad Hair Day09/22/200910
Harry: The Arrow Files09/23/20097
The Good Cowboy09/25/20097
The Black Widow09/29/20098
Guilty Party09/30/20098
Billy Boy10/01/200910
Reflected in Windows: Part One10/05/200910
Reflected in Windows: Part Two10/06/20099
Love Knot10/07/20093
Bundle of Joy10/08/20098
Mr Jelly10/09/20099
I'll Keep Holding On10/12/20097
A Manny About the House10/13/20099
The Romantics10/14/20099
The Great Escape10/15/20099
Leaving God10/16/200911
Now You See It...10/19/20099
Soul Mates10/20/20098
The Hunter10/21/20095
The Informant10/22/20099
Slice of Life10/27/200910
Dead Honest10/30/20095
Blind Faith11/03/20098
Worst Critic11/04/20096
Great Expectations11/05/20098
Doctor Who?11/06/200910
Up the Garden Path11/12/20097
Cold Light of Day11/13/20099
Bully for You11/16/200910
Joan of Park11/17/20095
The End of the Line11/18/20099
Once Upon a Time11/19/200910
Nowhere to Run11/20/200910
New Dawn11/23/20098
The Perfect Face for Radio11/25/20097
Far from the Tree11/30/200911
Food, Love and Money12/02/20097
Pictures of You12/03/20097
Harry: Architect of Fortune12/04/20099
Harry: A Decorous Death12/07/20098
Sick of Trying12/08/20099
Driving Miss Crazy12/09/20096
Equally Cursed and Blessed12/10/20099
A Little of What you Fancy12/14/20099
O Christmas Tree12/15/200911
Mistletoe, Sushi and Mulled Wine12/16/200913
Dead Serious12/17/20099
Cold Comfort12/18/2009 1:45 pmBBC OneUK10
Mystery at Moot Point01/04/201012
The Standstill01/06/20105
Dance to Keep from Crying01/07/201012
Basting the Turkey01/08/201011
Lying for Britain01/11/20109
Primes and Misdemeanours01/12/20108
Hairy Potter and the Disorderly Felix01/13/20108
Too Close to Home01/15/20109
Mixed Doubles01/18/20109
A Taste of Freedom01/19/20104
Divide and Conquer01/20/201011
Plan B01/21/201010
Master of the Universe: Monday01/25/201013
Master of the Universe: Tuesday01/26/201012
Master of the Universe: Wednesday01/27/201013
Master of the Universe: Thursday - Judgement Day01/28/201013
Master of the Universe01/29/201010
Hasta La Vista02/01/201012
Mr Donormight02/02/20109
Three Go Wild02/03/20103
Good for the Soul02/04/20109
Coming to Get You02/05/201010
The Long and Short of It02/08/201010
The Bigger Man02/09/20108
A Pill for Every Ill02/10/201011
No Distance Left to Run02/12/201011
Too Little, Too Late02/17/20109
To Be Perfect02/18/20108
Bad ABBA02/19/20108
Yetis on the Golf Course02/22/201013
Loving Memory02/23/20106
Eyes Open02/24/20108
Rebecca's Dream02/25/201011
The Others02/26/20108
When We Were Young03/02/201014
Skunk Show03/03/20108
6 Underground03/05/20107
Climb Every Mountain03/08/20109
My Best Effort03/10/201010
Dead Weird03/11/201011
Hell Hath No Fury03/12/201012
Birth of the Blues03/15/201011
Relative Strangers03/16/201012
A Child Called Moon03/18/201011
Your Health a to Z03/19/201012
Fear of the Dark: Part Two03/22/201013
Last Cut03/24/201011
Freddie's Final Fling03/26/20108
Save the Children03/29/20109
Friend Indeed03/30/20108
Mother's Help03/31/201012
12A Happy Ending04/06/20108
12One More Scrum04/07/201011
12Top 'C' Words Everyone Hates04/08/20109
12Home to Roost04/09/20106
12Neighbourhood Watch04/12/20108
12Mystery Tour04/13/20109
12Love Me, Hate Me04/14/20106
12Digging for Gold04/19/20107
12Best Laid Plans04/20/20108
12Careless Whisper04/23/201010
12Monday Monday04/26/201014
12All the Right Moves04/27/20108
12The False Heart04/28/201011
12Idle Hands04/29/201010
12Like Mother Like Daughter05/04/20109
12An Officer and a Gentle Man05/05/20105
12All Our Yesterdays05/06/201011
12Power of Speech05/10/201011
12Street Life05/11/20109
12Sins of a Father05/13/201012
12The Loneliness of the Long Distance Unicyclist05/14/20108
12Pound of Flesh05/17/20109
12Burning the Candle05/18/20108
12The White Room05/19/20108
12The Tiptoe of Expectation05/20/201010
12The Last Hurrah05/21/201011
12Heaven, I'm in Heaven05/24/201011
12Shuffle, Ball, Change05/25/201011
12Me Not I05/27/201011
12Domo Arigato, Super San05/28/201012
12Past Tense06/01/201011
12You Will Survive06/02/20108
12The Light Fantastic06/03/20107
12Class Act06/04/20109
12A Nod and a Wink06/07/201010
12The Trouble with Charlie06/10/20104
12Daddy Un-Cool06/11/201011
12Through a Glass Darkly07/06/201010
12Ties That Bind07/07/20105
12Who's Coming to Dinner?07/08/201012
12Tuning in the Shine07/09/20107
12Miss Pringle Investigates07/13/20109
12Some Like It Hot07/14/201011
12Nappy Rash07/15/201012
12How Green Is Your Home?07/16/20109
12Visible Wounds07/19/20108
12Back to School07/20/20104
12Day Zero07/21/20108
12Not Otherwise07/22/20107
12Army Dreamers07/23/20106
12Peace, Love and Understanding07/26/201010
12Happy Place07/27/201011
12Small Town Hero07/28/20104
12Gentle Giant07/29/20108
12The View from Here07/30/20105
12Finding the Words08/02/20108
12The Big Picture08/04/20106
12Five Seconds08/05/20105
12Daddy's Home08/06/201010
12Wedded Miss08/09/201010
12Time to Go08/10/20107
12The Long Way Round: Part One08/11/20109
12The Long Way Round: Part Two08/12/201012
12Marry in Haste08/16/20107
12Naked Ambition08/17/20109
12Kiss and Make Up08/18/20105
12Poetic Justice08/19/20108
12A Call of Nature08/23/20107
12Rock-a-Bye Baby08/25/20104
12A Serious Woman08/26/20109
12Double Bogey08/27/201010
12Double Top09/01/201012
12A Boy Called Granddad09/02/201011
12And Shame the Devil09/06/201012
12The Trainee: Part One09/07/201010
12The Trainee: Part Two09/08/201010
12La La La (Not Listening)09/09/20109
12Something Evil09/10/20109
12The Price09/13/201012
12A Spoonful09/14/20105
12Man in the Mirror09/15/20108
12Paradise Lost09/16/20108
12Voice Activated09/20/20106
12Off the Wagon09/21/201010
12Two Marriages09/24/201011
12Good Clean Fun09/27/201010
12The Go-Between09/28/201010
12Under a Gooseberry Bush09/29/20106
12Von Man Trap09/30/20106
12Independence Day10/01/20107
12Honey Monster10/04/20107
12The No Man10/05/20105
12Love You to Death10/06/20106
12Whatever Happened to Auntie Jane?10/07/20106
12No Love Lost10/08/20108
12Close to Home10/11/201012
12Keep it in the Trade10/12/20108
12Mad Hatters10/13/20108
12The Flood10/14/20108
12Breathing Lessons10/20/201010
12Fire and Water10/22/201013
12Carousel: Part 110/25/201012
12Carousel: Part 210/26/201015
12Carousel: Part 310/27/201012
12Carousel: Part 410/28/201013
12Carousel: Part 510/29/20109
12The Memory of Water11/01/201012
12The Comeback Kid11/02/20109
12The Puppet Master11/03/20103
12Tiny Whispers11/05/20108
12If Tomorrow Never Comes11/10/20104
12The Men Who Came to Dinner11/11/20109
12A Rocky Road11/12/201011
12Martha Loves George11/15/201012
12The Stripper & the Librarian11/16/201013
12Tough Enough11/17/201011
12Wasted Trip11/18/2010
12Everybody Hurts11/19/2010
12An Unexpected Arrival11/23/2010
12Bon Vomage11/24/2010
12Dirty Little Pig11/25/2010
12I Know What You Did Last Night11/26/2010
12My Girl Lollipop11/29/2010
12Father to the Man11/30/2010
12The Bitterest Pill12/01/2010
12There Must Be an Angel12/02/2010
12Fault Lines12/03/2010
12The Caring Business12/06/2010
12If You Want Something Done12/07/2010
12The Living Gaylights12/08/2010
12Inside My Head12/09/2010
12Beautiful Sasha 25 xxx12/10/2010
12From a Previous Marriage12/13/2010
12Who Do You Think You Are?12/14/2010
12The Mathematics of Marriage12/15/2010
12Body Language12/16/2010
12These Boots12/17/2010
12Signs and Wonders01/04/2011
12Cocktails for Two01/07/2011
12What Yellow Brick Road?01/10/2011
12An Inspector Calls01/11/2011
12Jagged Little Pill01/12/2011
12End of the Line01/13/2011
12Sunny Side Up01/14/2011
12Born Evil01/17/2011
12The Cradle Rocks01/18/2011
12The Passion of Oscar Wilde01/19/2011
12A Broken Heart01/20/2011
12My Hero01/24/2011
12Dirty Doddering01/25/2011
12In the Queen's Arms: Part One01/26/2011
12In the Queen's Arms: Part Two01/27/2011
12White Out01/28/2011
12Ring Me, Marry Me, Text Me, Kill Me01/31/2011
12August 23rd02/01/2011
12Intereo Per Veneratio02/02/2011
12The Sickest Kiss02/03/2011
12The Sparkling Spirit02/04/2011
12The Nun's Tale02/07/2011
12Ab Flab02/08/2011
12Unkindness of Strangers02/09/2011
12Sympathy for the Devil02/10/2011
12Saints and Sinners02/11/201110
12Kings and Queens02/14/2011
12Fit as a Fiddle02/15/2011
12Ladies Who Lunch02/17/2011
12Time to Say Goodbye02/21/2011
12Circling the Drain02/23/2011
12Strange Currency02/25/2011
12Field Day02/28/2011
12Happy Days03/02/2011
12Yes M'Lady03/03/2011
12No Regrets03/07/2011
12The Abnormal Heart03/08/2011
12Pavlova's Dogs03/10/2011
12The Hoarse Whisperer03/11/2011
12Jealous Girl03/14/2011
12Relax and Rejuvenate03/15/2011
12Dare to Bare03/16/2011
12Pretending to See the Future03/17/2011
12Get Smart03/18/2011
12Six Feet Under03/21/2011
12Chelsea Girl03/22/2011
12People Are Strange03/23/2011
12Green Shoots03/25/2011
12Scratching an Itch03/28/2011
12The Last Angel Cake03/29/2011
12Dressed as Lamb03/30/2011
12Every Heart That Beats03/31/2011
13Thanks for the Memories04/05/2011
13Smoke and Mirrors04/06/2011
13Friday I'm in Love04/08/2011
13Bad Heston: Part One04/11/2011
13Bad Heston: Part Two04/12/2011
13Liar, Liar04/13/2011
13Just Like a Woman04/14/2011
13Doric's Column04/18/2011
13Men and Motors04/19/2011
13Spite Club04/20/2011
13Wrong Identity04/21/2011
13Light Blue Touch Paper04/28/2011
13Lord Letherbridge05/04/2011
13The Other Side of the Wall05/05/2011
13Gods and Gurus05/06/2011
13The Path to Life05/10/2011
13The Asian & the Lesbian05/11/2011
13The Finishing Touch05/12/2011
13Out in the Cold05/13/2011
13The Lonely Woman05/16/2011
13Mr Right05/18/2011
13Because You're Mine05/20/2011
13Over the Rainbow05/24/2011
13Moot Point05/26/2011
13Like Father06/01/2011
13Resistant to Arrest06/02/2011
13You Gotta Have Faith06/03/2011
13Family Matters06/07/2011
13The Killing of Sean Noble06/08/2011
13Smoke and Flames06/10/2011
13The Last Waltz06/13/2011
13Defying Gravity07/05/2011
13Poison Ivy07/06/201111
13Pink and Blue07/08/2011
13Last Christmas07/11/2011
13Now or Never07/14/2011
13Pride and Prejudice07/18/2011
13Welcome to My World07/19/2011
13Sorting Nana Mo07/20/2011
13Tail to Tow07/21/2011
13Glad Rags07/22/2011
13Born and Bred07/25/2011
13Sweet Child of Mine07/27/2011
13Decent People07/28/2011
13Sunday Sunday07/29/2011
13Storm in a Teacup08/01/2011
13Safe Home08/02/2011
13Lasso the Moon08/04/2011
13The Pale Cast of Thought08/08/2011
13Tricky Dicky08/10/2011
13Evidence of Things Not Seen08/11/2011
13The Meter's Running08/12/2011
13The Good Guys08/16/2011
13Life Without Yum-Yum08/17/2011
13Life Extinct08/19/2011
13Back from the Dead08/23/2011
13Who's the Daddy?08/25/2011
13It's Only Natural08/26/2011
13The Grocer's Apostrophe08/30/2011
13Out of the Loop08/31/2011
13Dirty Linen09/01/2011
13The Sharpest Cut09/07/2011
13Murder Sleep09/08/2011
13Pulp Friction09/09/2011
13Grin and Bare It09/14/2011
13Whip Hand09/15/2011
13The Devil's Daughter09/16/2011
13Sticky and Sweet09/20/2011
13The Body09/27/2011
13Anything You Say09/28/2011
13Fatshe Leno La Rona09/30/2011
13Last Stop: This Town10/03/2011
13Stealing His Thunder10/05/2011
13My Big Fat Ruined Wedding10/06/2011
13Suffocating Love10/07/2011
13The Show Must Go On10/10/2011
13By Its Cover10/11/2011
13In Pursuit10/12/2011
13Running on Empty10/14/2011
13Bring Me the Ted of Albert Garcia10/17/2011
13My Sunshine10/18/2011
13Dougal and the Factory: Part One10/19/2011
13Dougal and the Factory: Part Two10/20/2011
13The Power of Nightmares10/21/2011
13Night Thoughts10/24/2011
13Health and Tembe10/25/2011
13Silent Partner10/26/2011
13House Guest10/27/2011
13The Only Way Is Letherbridge10/28/2011
13This Monstrous and Unnatural Woman10/31/2011
13On Strawberry Hill11/01/2011
13The Driving Seat11/02/2011
13Tea and Sympathy11/04/2011
13Parts and Fitters11/07/2011
13Dead or Alive11/08/2011
13The Bulge11/09/2011
13The Man11/10/2011
13Boyz in da Wood11/11/2011
13Different Kind of Prison11/14/2011
13The Beast Within11/15/2011
13The Jug11/16/2011
13Clinging Ivy11/17/2011
13No Going Back: Part One11/21/2011
13No Going Back: Part Two11/22/2011
13Joke Club11/23/2011
13A Woman Scorned11/24/2011
13Future Perfect11/25/2011
13An Uneasy Harmony11/30/2011
13Striking Out12/01/2011
13Blind Spot12/06/2011
13Hitting the Wall12/07/2011
13By Hook or by Crook12/08/2011
13You Have the Right to Remain Silent12/09/2011
13Life Lines12/12/2011
13No Secret So Close12/13/2011
13Officers' Mess12/14/2011
13The Season to Be Jolly12/15/2011
13Lebkucken vs Papparkakor12/16/2011
13Mr Fitch Comes Home01/03/2012
13Singing in the Dark01/05/2012
13War of the Worlds01/06/2012
13One Under01/11/2012
13Gimme a Break01/12/2012
13Freegan to Choose01/13/2012
13What Lies Beneath01/17/2012
13Tales of the Rather Expected01/18/2012
13The Cat's Meow01/19/2012
13Scratch the Surface01/20/2012
13Children of the Night01/23/2012
13Baby Steps01/24/2012
13Another Day, Another Dollar01/25/2012
13Completion Day: Part One01/26/2012
13Completion Day: Part Two01/27/2012
13Crocodile Tears01/31/2012
13The Next Level02/02/2012
13Another Year02/03/2012
13Open Season02/09/2012
13The Morning After and the Night Before02/10/2012
13Perfect Storm02/13/2012
13It Had to be You02/14/2012
13A Taste of Honey02/17/2012
13The Well Spoken Man02/20/2012
13And Nothing but the Truth02/21/2012
13The Ones We Leave Behind02/22/2012
13Grey Matters02/23/2012
13At Sea02/24/2012
13Entente Cordiale02/28/2012
13House Call02/29/2012
13Last Tango03/01/2012
13Crazy Little Thing Called Love03/02/2012
13The Hills03/05/2012
13Every End Has a Start03/06/2012
13The Fool03/07/2012
13Cut Off: Part One03/13/2012
13Cut Off: Part Two03/14/2012
13Nothing Ventured03/19/2012
13Only the Truth03/20/2012
13Wanton Desire03/21/2012
13Let Me Shipwreck03/26/2012
13The Promise03/28/2012
13Pants on Fire03/29/2012
14Full Time04/02/2012
14Deal or No Deal04/03/2012
14A Suburban Affair04/04/2012
14Bursting Balloons04/05/2012
14Reality Check04/10/2012
14A Little on the Side04/11/2012
14Dancing Queen04/12/2012 1:45 pmBBC OneUK
14Upper Crust04/13/2012
14Short Changed04/16/2012
14Pass Notes04/17/2012
14A Good Boy04/18/2012
14Friend and Neighbour04/19/2012
14Echo Chamber04/20/2012
14Fall of a Sparrow04/23/2012
14If Music Be the Food of Love04/24/2012
14Being Your Slave04/25/2012
14The Lunatics, the Lover and the Poet04/27/2012
14Just the Way You Are04/30/2012
14Wind Up05/01/2012
14A Bracing Walk05/03/2012
14Fragile Strength05/08/2012
14Black Bag05/10/2012
14Secrets of the Heart05/11/2012
14Acting Strangely05/14/2012
14The Morning After the Night of the Living Dead05/15/2012 1:45 pmBBC1UK13
14Testament05/16/2012 1:45 pmBBC1UK10
14My Cherie Amour05/17/2012
14Carry on Cruising05/21/2012
14Sticky Fingers05/23/2012
14Divine Intervention05/25/2012
14The Player05/28/2012
14Smash the System05/29/2012
14Dia De Los Muertos05/31/2012
14Never Found06/07/2012
14Those Were the Days06/08/2012
14Knock, Knock06/11/2012
14Matthew & Son06/12/2012
14Life's Too Short06/13/2012
14Back Inside06/14/2012
14The Stranger06/15/2012
14Something on the Air06/18/2012
14Start Up07/10/2012
14Head Screwed On07/13/2012
14Outlaws and Angels07/16/2012
14A River in Egypt07/17/2012
14Now They'll Sleep07/18/2012
14If a Tree Falls07/19/2012
14Indian Smyth07/24/2012
14The Devil You Don't07/25/2012
14Nice Packet07/26/2012
14A Broad Church08/13/2012
14Judging Books08/14/2012
14Art and Soul08/15/2012
14Car Wars08/16/2012
14Good Citizens08/17/2012
14The Great Unwashed08/20/2012
14The Frighteners08/22/2012
14Blue Eyed Boy08/24/2012
14The Way to a Man's Heart08/28/2012
14Untouchable: Part One08/29/2012
14Untouchable: Part Two08/30/2012
14Amusee Bouche09/03/2012
14Four in a Bed09/04/2012
14Third Party09/07/2012
14Pick Up Artist09/10/2012
14What I'm Good At09/12/2012
14Piano Man09/13/2012
14The Artist09/14/2012
14Virtuous Reality09/17/2012
14Ticks and Twitches09/19/2012
14An Urban Fairytale09/20/2012
14Hello and Goodbye09/21/2012
14Painted Blind09/24/2012
14The Best Medicine09/25/2012
14Dear Joe09/26/2012
14Mum's a Word09/28/2012
14White Coat10/01/2012
14Reports of My Death10/02/2012
14Desperately Seeking Melanie10/04/2012
14Affairs of the Heart10/05/2012
14A Parent Thing10/08/2012
14A Lighter Note10/10/2012
14The Collectors10/11/2012
14Treason's Tell10/12/2012
14Home Free10/15/2012
14An Appropriate Adult10/17/2012
14The Lost Boy10/18/2012
14The Pain and the Itch10/19/2012
14Seconds Away10/22/2012
14Love Scars10/23/2012
14Cheer Up Sleepy Genes10/24/2012
14Wide of the Mark10/25/2012
14The Cry10/29/2012
14The First Among Equals10/30/2012
14Party Time10/31/2012
14Beautiful Girl11/01/2012
14Boot Camp11/02/2012
14Doctor Love11/06/2012
14Fresh Start11/07/2012
14Remember Them11/09/2012
14No Strings11/12/2012
14Host Family11/13/2012
14Ben Percy11/14/2012
14Henry Dear's Big Day11/15/2012
14Artist in Residence11/16/2012
14Out Damned Spot11/22/2012
14All Because the Lady Loves11/23/2012
14The Woman at the Bus Stop11/26/2012
14Old Spice11/27/2012
14Hold Sway11/28/2012
14Extra Curricular11/29/2012
14The One That Got Away12/03/2012
14Blood Upon the Rose12/04/2012
14The Beast in Me12/05/2012
14Box Clever12/07/2012
14Keep Us Together12/10/2012
14Stockholm Syndrome12/11/2012
14Follow That Star!12/13/2012
14The Good Parent12/14/2012
14Known Impediment12/17/2012
14Elephant in the Room12/18/2012
14Ho Ho Flipping Ho12/19/2012
14Rifts & Gifts12/21/2012
14Flashback in Anger01/02/2013
14Fizz for Breakfast01/04/2013
14Over a Barrel01/07/2013
14Brother's Keeper: Part One01/08/2013
14Brother's Keeper: Part Two01/09/2013
14This Is the Song01/10/2013
14Behind Closed Doors01/11/2013
14Kendon's Method01/14/2013
14Bleeding Hearts01/15/2013
14Where Are We Going?01/16/2013
14Whatever It Takes01/21/2013
14Dark Horse01/22/2013
14The Mating Game01/23/2013
14Please Hold01/24/2013
14Heston's Last Testament01/25/2013
14Men at Work01/28/2013
14The Were-Witch Project01/29/2013
14Feel the Fear01/30/2013
14Ancient Triangle02/01/2013
14The Wrong Man02/04/2013
14Saving Irene02/06/2013
14A Night Like This02/07/2013
14Eleanor's Last Goodbye02/11/2013
14Something Extra02/13/2013
14Silly Valentine02/14/2013
14Little Miss Letherbridge02/15/2013
14The Good Father02/19/2013
14Job's Worth02/20/2013
14Quality of Life02/21/2013
14The Official Line02/22/2013
14Exterminating Angel02/28/2013
14House Arrest03/04/2013
14A Few Bits03/05/2013
14Cheap Thrills03/06/2013
14Swings and Roundabouts03/07/2013
14Fifty Shades of Beige03/08/2013
14With or Without You03/11/2013
14Wild Justice03/12/2013
14The Other Half03/14/2013
14Nessun Dorma03/15/2013
14The Cold Light of Day03/18/2013
14The Guilty Man03/19/2013
14The Scales03/22/2013
14Seeing the Light03/25/2013
14Tea for Three03/26/2013
14Crossing the Line03/27/2013
14Camper Van of Love03/28/2013
15Begins at Home04/02/2013
15One Got Away04/08/2013
15The Punch & Judy Man04/09/2013
15The Hider in the House04/10/2013
15All's Fair04/11/2013
15Turn Back Time04/12/2013
15Truth and Reconcilliation04/15/2013
15Young Love04/17/2013
15The Lean04/18/2013
15Friday's Feelings04/19/2013
15Person of Interest04/22/2013
15Potato Head04/23/2013
15Talented Kid04/25/2013
15Light My Fire04/26/2013
15The Liars of Letherbridge04/29/2013
15The Gift Next Door04/30/2013
15Last of the Romantics05/01/2013
15The Grapevine05/02/2013
15Where the Truth Lies05/03/2013
15A Most Unusual Item05/07/2013
15The Final Bell05/08/2013
15Fox on the Run05/09/2013
15Chris FM05/13/2013
15The Sucker List05/14/2013
15Where R U?05/16/2013
15Crash Barrier05/17/2013
15By the Pricking of My Thumbs05/20/2013
15Nowhere to Go05/21/2013
15Home Truth05/22/2013
15Break in News05/23/2013
15Santa Ranter05/24/2013
15Older Then05/29/2013
15A Fair Exchange05/30/2013
15Dangerous Liaison05/31/2013
15Goodbye Yellow Brick Road06/04/2013
1520 Million Miles to Letherbridge06/05/2013
15That Feeling of Falling06/06/2013
15Give and Take06/07/2013
15Tree Hug06/11/2013
15All Things Change06/12/2013
15Someone Else's Shoes06/13/2013
15Run for Your Life06/14/2013
15The Loner06/17/2013
15Freya's Friends06/18/2013
15Thrills, Pills and Bellyaches...06/19/2013
15Life and Soul06/20/2013
15A Thin Line06/21/2013
15Fallen Angels07/23/2013
15Parent Trap07/24/2013
15Ring of Truth07/29/2013
15Dog Day07/30/2013
15Silver on the Hearth07/31/2013
15Good Boy08/01/2013
15Whose Closet Is It Anyway?08/05/2013
15Testing, Testing08/06/2013
15The Lure08/08/2013
15Lost Souls08/09/2013
15A Slight Misunderstanding08/13/2013
15Parallel Universes08/14/2013
15Mother's Choice08/16/2013
15Snobbery with Violence08/19/2013
15Where the Buck Stops08/20/2013
15Under Observation08/22/2013
15Floor Routine08/27/2013
15You Belong to Me08/29/2013
15The Look of Love08/30/2013
15Double or Quits09/02/2013
15Candid Camera09/03/2013
15The Edge09/04/2013
15Sting in the Tail09/05/2013
15One Way or Another09/06/2013
15War Zone: Part One09/10/2013
15War Zone: Part Two09/11/2013
15War Zone: Part Three09/12/2013
15Wrong Rooms09/17/2013
15Child Proof09/19/2013
15Manning Up09/23/2013
15Curtain Call09/24/2013
15Howard's Special Day09/25/2013
15A Different Page09/26/2013
15Embarrassing Bodies09/27/2013
15The Third Girl09/30/2013
15The Wild West Midlands10/01/2013
15In Good Health10/02/2013
15Viva Las Letherbridge: Part One10/03/2013
15Viva Las Letherbridge: Part Two10/04/2013
15The Eggs10/07/2013
15Under Fire10/11/2013
15Austenland: Part One10/14/2013
15Austenland: Part Two10/15/2013
15Charlotte's Web10/16/2013
15Northanger Bungalow10/17/2013
15Adulterers Only10/22/2013
15Tender Loins10/23/2013
15Stressed Out10/25/2013
15Medicinal Use Only10/28/2013
15Family Planning10/29/2013
15Too Much to Swallow10/30/2013
15My Girl11/06/2013
15Forever Young11/07/2013
15The Way of the Warrior11/08/2013
15Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)11/12/2013
15Fallen Apples11/13/2013
15Two Lemons and a Bar11/15/2013
15A Decent Plumber11/18/2013
15A Curse Be Upon Her11/19/2013
15What Needs to Be Done11/20/2013
15Home Run11/21/2013
15No Evil11/22/2013
15The First Rule of Dad's Club11/26/2013
15Strange Romance11/27/2013
15The House on Coppertree Hill11/28/2013
15Raking the Ashes12/02/2013
15Speaking the Truth in Love12/04/2013
15Waiting for Andre12/05/2013
15Foxtrot Tango12/06/2013
15Love to Hate You12/10/2013
15One Man's Trash12/12/2013
15It Fits! It Fits!12/13/2013
15Quick Fingered01/06/2014
15The Fires of Midwinter01/07/2014
15The Real Dr Granger01/08/2014
15Idol Hands01/09/2014
15Five Days01/14/2014
15Love's Young Dream01/15/2014
15La Cosa Nose01/17/2014
15White Van01/20/2014
15Sid's Blues01/22/2014
15Small Favours01/23/2014
15Two Little Boys01/24/2014
15The Boy Narcissus01/29/2014
15Perfect Match02/03/2014
15Must Edit Filth02/04/2014
15About the Boy02/05/2014
15Charm School02/06/2014
15Thirsty Work02/11/2014
15Shadow of Doubt02/12/2014 1:45 pmBBC OneUK
15The Way, the Truth and the Lie02/13/2014
15Made in Heaven02/14/2014
15The Moral High Ground02/18/2014
15The Low Ground02/19/2014
15Love Is Blind02/20/2014
15The Soundtrack of Your Life02/24/2014
15Nun But the Brave02/27/2014
15Dickens of a Day02/28/2014
15Talk Talk03/03/2014
15Old Flames03/05/2014
15The Invisible Man03/06/2014
15Matter of Choice03/07/2014
15Out of the Blue03/10/2014
15Wires Crossed03/13/2014
15Pie Piper03/14/2014
15Up in Flames03/18/2014
15Hostage to Fortune03/20/2014
15No Fool Like an Old Fool03/21/2014
15Two Four03/25/2014
15The Pool Boy03/26/2014
15Sweet Smell of Success03/27/2014
15A Caring Professional03/28/2014