At Last, the 1948 Show
Episode #1.1

Wednesday, 15th February 1967
10:05 pm ITV

Wednesday, 15th February 1967ITV2205At Last, the 1948 ShowEpisode #1.1

Tim Brooke-Taylor
Mr. Given Posture / Second Cowboy / Lotterby / Mr. Arthur S. Stoat / Third Yorkshireman
John Cleese
Dr. Gilbert / Head of Secret Service / Reptile Keeper / Fourth Yorkshireman
Graham Chapman
Reverend / Thompkins / Second Yorkshireman
Marty Feldman
Dmitri Steppinoffanoff / First Cowboy / First Yorkshireman
Aimi MacDonald
Self - Host (as Aimi Macdonald)
Jo Kendall
Women on the phone (voice)
Dick Vosburgh
Zoo Employee
Barry Cryer
Zoo Employee
Dick Holmes
Zoo Employee