Danger Man
The Island

Sunday, 1st January 1961
 7:30 pm ITV

Drake is tasked with escorting two killers-for-hire to justice. Unfortunately things are complicated when the killers break loose and cause the plane to crash on an isolated island.

A very Avengers-like episode (no surprise since Brian Clemens co-wrote the screenplay), with a morbid humor overlaying the suspense. Cuthbertson and Stephens make an excellent Tweedledum-Tweedledee pair of killers, and Ripper gets to chew the scenery as a mad hermit, but Firbank's spoiled rich girl character (whose stupidity allows the killers to get loose) is annoying enough one rather wishes the killers would practice on her.

-Dave W.

Sunday, 1st January 1961ITV1930Danger ManThe Island

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
Allan Cuthbertson
Mr. Wilson
Peter Stephens
Mr. Cassius Jones
Ann Firbank
Bobbi Palmer
Michael Ripper
Ronan O'Casey
Richard Thorp
Security Officer
Charles Irwin
Airport Official
Nyree Dawn Porter
Martin Lyder
Pilot at Airport
Airport Clerk
Douglas Twiddy
Double for Allan Cuthbertson

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