Danger Man
The Girl in Pink Pajamas

Sunday, 16th October 1960
 7:30 pm ITV

Drake is sent to the tiny country of Maravia to ensurethe safety of that country's president while he recuperates from an assassination attempt at a hidden location. An American girl with amnesia is then found nearby, and as her memory slowly returns (with Drake's help), it becomes apparent another attempt on the president's life is in the works.

A genuinely suspenseful episode, not least because the villains' plan is actually cunning and Drake's bluff in response is well-played. Still, for a nurse, the girl of the title frightens pretty easily!

-Dave W.

Sunday, 16th October 1960ITV1930Danger ManThe Girl in Pink Pajamas

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
Angela Browne
The Girl
John Crawford
Dr. Keller
Alan Tilvern
Major Minos
Robert Raglan
Dr. Stanifors
Richard Warner
Hospital Director
Robert Cawdron
President Varnold
Colette Wilde
Farmer's Wife
Frederick Schiller
Country Doctor
Harvey Hall
Captain Franz
Richard Marner
Janine Gray
Hospital Receptionist
Charlie Price
Hospital Attendant
John Tatum
Embassy Messenger
Cart Driver
Marian Diamond
Telephone Operator

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