Edward the Seventh
Dearest Prince

Tuesday, 13th May 1975

William Abney
Sir Allen Young
Francesca Annis
Lily Langtry
Joyce Carey
Lady Chesterfield
Annette Crosbie
Queen Victoria
Anthony Dawes
Lord Allington
William Dysart
John Brown
Derek Fowlds
Lord Randolph Churchill
Samantha Gates
Princess Victoria
John Gielgud
Benjamin Disraeli
Eric Hillyard
Cabinet Minister
Peter Howell
Francis Knollys
Jane Lapotaire
Princess Dagmar
Barbara Laurenson
Charlotte Knellys
Robert Mill
Lord Blandford
John Normington
Oliver Montagu
Trevor Peacock
George Laybourne
Bruce Purchase
Czarevitch Alexander
Helen Ryan
Princess Alexandra
Guy Slater
Lord Carrington
Gareth Thomas
Lord Beresford
Timothy West
Prince of Wales
Jeffry Wickham
Lord Aylesford
Anthony Woodruff
Cabinet Secretary