The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
Part 3

Sunday, 21st November 1982

Alun Armstrong
Wackford Squeers
Christopher Benjamin
Mr. Vincent Crummles
Suzanne Bertish
Fanny Squeers
Janet Dale
Miss Knag
Jane Downs
Mrs. Nickleby
Nicholas Gecks
Lord Frederick Verisopht
Patrick Godfrey
Mr. Kenwigs
Lucy Gutteridge
Madeline Bray
Cathryn Harrison
Tilda Price
Lila Kaye
Mrs. Squeers
Shirley King
Mrs. Kenwigs
John McEnery
Mr. Mantalini
Ian McNeice
Young Wackford Squeers / Scaley / Croupier
David Lloyd Meredith
Charles Cheeryble
Bob Peck
John Browdie
Edward Petherbridge
Newman Noggs
Hubert Rees
Ned Cheeryble
Roger Rees
Nicholas Nickleby
Emily Richard
Kate Nickleby
David Threlfall
Thelma Whiteley
Madame Mantalini
John Woodvine
Ralph Nickleby