Dixon of Dock Green
Touch and Go

Saturday, 19th February 1966
 6:15 pm BBC1

Saturday, 19th February 1966BBC11815Dixon of Dock GreenTouch and Go

Geoffrey Adams
Det. Con. Lauderdale
Robert Arnold
PC Swain
Anthony Booth
Les Benson
Ronald Bridges
PC Bryant
Peter Byrne
Det. Sgt. Andy Crawford
Anne Carroll
WPC Shirley Palmer
Jean Dallas
WPC Betty Williams
Anna Dawson
Mary Crawford
Nicholas Donnelly
PC Wills
Patrick Godfrey
Dr. Hobbs
Doris Hare
Mrs. Benson
Geoffrey Keen
Det. Supt. Harvey
Gillian King
Nurse Banks
Duncan Lamont
Station Sgt. Cooper
Patrick McAlinney
Happy Day
Jeanne Mockford
Nurse Downs
Barbara Ogilvie
Sister Haynes
Terence Rigby
Jack Lane
Richard Shaw
Ted Benson
Peter Thornton
PC Burton
Jack Warner
Sgt. George Dixon
John Warwick
Dr. Porteous