Rogues' Gallery
The Prude Pursued

Monday, 9th June 1969

Diane Cilento
Lady Sarah Bellasize
Jim Dale
Lucifer Kane
John Woodnutt
Doctor Peppercorn
Sydney Arnold
1st Lunatic
Michael Balfour
Tom Meatyard
Sandra Bryant
Molly Socket
Harcourt Curacao
Holly Doone
Miss Wagtail
Milton Johns
Bedlam keeper
Barbara Laurenson
Miss Watson
Kevin McHugh
Polly Murch
Miss Potter
Anthony Nicholls
Sir Henry Crabbe, the Lord Mayor
Thelma Ruby
Lady Crabbe
Danny Sewell
Gideon the Gaoler
Maryann Turner
2nd Lunatic
Mona Washbourne
Mrs. Fumble