The Sweeney
Night Out

Thursday, 6th February 1975
 8:20 am ITV4

Wednesday, 24th July 2019ITV41755SweeneyNight Out
Thursday, 25th July 2019ITV40750SweeneyNight Out
Saturday, 27th July 2019ITV40820SweeneyNight Out

John Thaw
Det. Insp. Jack Regan
Dennis Waterman
Det. Sgt. George Carter
T.P. McKenna
Det. Supt. Grant
David Hargreaves
Det. Sgt. Jellineck
Peter Childs
Christopher Beeny
The Photographer
Derrick O'Connor
Nick Brimble
Det. Con. Gerry Burtonshaw
Wesley Murphy
Dukes, Pub Landlord
John Oxley
Uniformed Policeman
Tony Sympson
The Old Man
Brian Coburn
The Scotsman
Jeffrey Segal
The Reporter
Nosher Powell
Pub Brawler
Les White
Bank Robber