Simon and Simon
Have You Hugged Your Private Detective Today?

Thursday, 7th November 1985
 9:00 pm CBS

Thursday, 7th November 1985CBS2100Simon and SimonHave You Hugged Your Private Detective Today?

Gerald McRaney
Rick Simon
Jameson Parker
Andrew Jackson 'A.J.' Simon
Mary Carver
(credit only)
Tim Reid
Det. Marcel 'Downtown' Brown
Bart Braverman
Dr. Ted Van Adams (as Bartley Braverman)
Walter Brooke
Ben Rollins
Hal England
Mr. Royce
Alan Feinstein
Dr. Karl Chadway
John Findlater
Attorney Gregory Hollis
Roger Hampton
Security guard
Sherry Hursey
Julie Bronson
Gisele Kovach
Molly Rollins (as Gisela Kovach)
Barbara Rhoades
Dr. Dorothy Harcroft
Joan Sweeny
Lila Simpson
Peter Kent
Plant Manager