General Hospital
Episode 49

Thursday, 5th April 1973
 2:00 pm ITV

Episode 49: Footballer Jimmy Black becomes difficult to handle. Dr. Baxter tackles Thorne about his treatment of Diana. But she, in turn, drops a bombshell.
~TV Times

Thursday, 5th April 1973ITV1400General HospitalEpisode 49

David Garth
Dr. Armstrong
Lewis Jones
Mr Parker Brown
James Kerry
Dr. Baxter
Ian White
Dr. Ridge
Patricia Maynard
Dr. Whitworth
Veronica Hurst
Dr. Hamlyn
Ronald Leigh-Hunt
Dr. Thorne
Donal Cox
Dr. Morley
James Faulkner
Dr. Jones
Peggy Sinclair
Sister Chapman
Lynda Bellingham
Nurse Price
Jane How
Nurse Preston
Georgina Simpson
Louise Derracourt
Elizabeth Counsell
Diana Baxter
Patsy Rowlands
Peggy Finch
David Gwillim
Jimmy Black
Alan David
Daniel Swift
Peter Hill
Albert Unsworth