Mind Your Language
The Cheating Game

Friday, 10th February 1978
 7:00 pm ITV

Comedy set in an adult education class for foreign students learning English.

In this episode our students are not quite ready for their exam.

These days the racial stereotypes are painful to watch, but the show meant well like many of its era and probably helped lower the xenophobia of the day.

Friday, 10th February 1978ITV1900Mind Your LanguageThe Cheating Game

Barry Evans
Jeremy Brown
Zara Nutley
Miss Courtney
Ricardo Montez
Juan Cervantes
Robert Lee
Taro Nagazumi
Albert Moses
Ranjeet Singh
Pik Sen Lim
Chung Su-Lee
Jacki Harding
Anna Schmidt
Jamila Massey
Jamila Ranjha
Dino Shafeek
Ali Nadim
Kevork Malikyan
Maximillian Papandrious
Fran├žoise Pascal
Danielle Favre
George Camiller
Giovanni Capello
Iris Sadler