Three Piece Suite
Come in, No.1/This Situation/All in the Mind

Tuesday, 5th April 1977

Diana Rigg
Patsy Rowlands
Lady (Come in No. 1)
Joan Benham
Lady - Come in No. 1
Jenny Cox
Lady - Come in No. 1
Belinda Sinclair
Lady - Come in No. 1
Judi Maynard
Lady - Come in No. 1
George Baker
Frank - This Situation
Derek Deadman
Delivery Man - This Situation
Neil Daglish
Nigel - This Situation
Toyah Willcox
Buzz - This Situation
Richard McNeff
Chauffeur - This Situation
Freddie Jones
Him - All in the Mind
Lala Lloyd
Mrs. Morlish - All in the Mind