Saturday Night Theatre
Rogues Gallery: A Bed Full of Miracles

Saturday, 7th June 1969

Michael Balfour
Tom Meatyard
Douglas Blackwell
Farmer Cordy
Angela Browne
Lady Hesketh
Sandra Bryant
Molly Socket
Diane Cilento
Lady Sarah Bellasize
Clifford Cox
Farmer Whistler
Jim Dale
Lucifer Kane
Griffith Davies
Joshua Toft
James Hayter
Doctor Howard
Daphne Heard
Grannie Groom
Richard Heffer
Lord Percy
Francis Matthews
Doctor St. Andre
Dorothea Phillips
Duchess of Kendall
Steve Plytas
King George I
Danny Sewell
Anne Tirard
Old Bessie
George Woodbridge
Mr. Doubleday
John Woodnutt
Doctor Peppercorn