Waking the Dead
Cold Fusion: Part 2

Monday, 24th October 2005

A nasty double homicide originally linked to a jealous husband seems to involve more than meets the eye.

Suitably fraught season ender with bombs, car chases, assassins and horrible conspiracies to boot.

Trevor Eve
Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd
Sue Johnston
Dr. Grace Foley
Wil Johnson
DI Spencer Jordan
Esther Hall
Dr. Felix Gibson
Félicité Du Jeu
DC Stella Goodman
David Calder
Commander Bill Drake
Paul Copley
Clifford Day
Mark Lewis Jones
Tom McQueen
Abhin Galeya
Mark Letheren
Toby Holmes (flashback)
Patricia Kerrigan
Penny Coulter (flashback)
Nathalie Cox
Jackie Holmes (flashback)
Glenn Chapman
Janice Acquah
Female Paramedic#1
Dylan Charles
ATO Officer#1
Duncan Henderson
ATO Officer#2
Mamta Anand
Female Paramedic#2
Neil Burgess
Male Paramedic#1
Mark Killeen
Male Lab Biosuit
Howard Teale
ATO Officer#3