Attack on the Iron Coast


Paul Wendkos
The Mirisch Company
Production Company
Oakmont Productions
Production Company
United Artists

Canadian commando leader Bridges makes a disaster out of a raid, but is given a second chance to destroy a German naval facility on the French coast.

Average war film takes it's time to get going, but once the action starts is decent enough. Never rises above the usual stereotypes of such films, though, and the ending is rushed and unsatisfying. The main problem is Bridges' character, who, though he has an epiphany, is at the outset such an arrogant and incompentent oaf that it's impossible to accept him as a leader of a latrine-digging detail, let alone an elite commando unit. The scriptwriters also did not seem to understand that a naval captain far outranks an army major; the scenes of Bridges yelling at Keir like a baby throwing a tantrum are painful. The wine-swilling, stag film-watching Germans on display here are such paper-thin caricatures they make the Hogan's Heroes Nazis look like an SS death squad. Incidentally, the German HQ is a reuse of the part of the Dirty Dozen chateau that wasn't blown up at the climax of that film.

Based on the real 1942 St. Nazaire raid, which was much better depicted in The Gift Horse, which is also a much better film.

-Dave W.

5th June 1968

89 mins

19th April 2005

89 mins

Lloyd Bridges
Major Jamie Wilson
Andrew Keir
Captain Owen Franklin
Sue Lloyd
Sue Wilson
Mark Eden
Lt. Commander Donald Kimberly
Maurice Denham
Rear Admiral Sir Frederick Grafton
Glyn Owen
Lieutenant Forrester RNVR
Howard Pays
Lieutenant Graham
Walter Gotell
Colonel Von Horst
John Welsh
Admiral of the Fleet
Lord William Cansley
George Mikell
Captain Strasser
Ernest Clark
Air Vice Marshal Woodbridge
Dick Haydon
Ordinary Seaman Pringle
Mark Ward
Jimmy Wilson
Unknown 991-01
Graham's Girl
Unknown 991-02
Kimberly's Girl
John Kelland
Flag Lieutenant
Ron Gregory
Wing Commander at Meeting
Roy Lansford
Army Captain at Meeting
Joan Crane
WREN Second Officer
Unknown 991-03
Brigadier at Meeting
Unknown 991-04
Navy Lieutenant at Meeting
Maxwell Craig
Commando (uncredited)
Eddie Powell
Commando Sergeant
Peter Brace
Commando (uncredited)
Terry Richards
Commando (uncredited)
Bill Morgan
Unknown 991-06
Unknown 991-05
Sick Berth Attendant in Ambulance
John Golightly
Pollard, Helmsman
Simon Prebble
Sub Lieutenant Smythe
Robin Hawdon
Radar Operator
Unknown 991-07
Gavin Breck
Commando (uncredited)
Unknown 991-09
Harry Fielder
Commando (uncredited)
Joe Powell
Commando (uncredited)
Keith Buckley
Commando (uncredited)
Michael Wolf
Lieutenant Kramer
Unknown 991-10
German Soldier Operating Film Projector
Unknown 991-11
German Naval Lieutenant Watching Film
Unknown 991-12
German Officer Watching Film
Unknown 991-13
German Officer Watching Film
Unknown 991-14
Commando Corporal
Unknown 991-15
Roy Beck
Commando (uncredited)
Unknown 991-16
Unknown 991-17
Unknown 991-18
Doug Robinson
Commando (uncredited)
Unknown 991-19
Unknown 991-20
Frank Henson
Murray Evans
Boatswain's Mate
Sean Barrett
Radioman (uncredited)
Unknown 991-21
German Sentry
Victor Beaumont
German Battery Commander
Unknown 991-22
German Sentry
John Abineri
German Gunnery Sergeant
Richard Shaw
German Infantry Sergeant
Del Baker
Bernard Barnsley
George Lane Cooper
Jack Cooper
Romo Gorrara
Bill Henderson
Walter Henry
Bill Hibbert
George Leech
John Moyce
Bob Simmons
Chris Webb
Tommy Winward
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

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