Mr. Holmes


Bill Condon
Miramax Films

An aged Sherlock Holmes reflects on his last case...

Tour-de-force as one would expect from Mr. McKellen ably supported by Laura Linney and Milo Parker.

To be perfect the little mini-mysteries could be better, but that's a minor quibble. Nice touch having Nicholas Rowe reprising Holmes 30 years on.

Apologies for missing a couple of key scenes ... I'll be back to this one.


Ian McKellen
Sherlock Holmes
Ian McKellen
younger Mr. Holmes
Laura Linney
Mrs. Munro
Milo Parker
Hiroyuki Sanada
Tamiki Umezaki
Hattie Morahan
Ann Kelmot
Patrick Kennedy
Thomas Kelmot
Roger Allam
Dr. Barrie
Phil Davis
Inspector Gilbert
Frances de la Tour
Madame Schirmer
Charles Maddox
Takako Akashi
Maya Umezaki
Zak Shukor
Masuo Umezaki
John Sessions
Mycroft Holmes
Michael Culkin
Bank Manager
David Foxxe
Oliver Devoti
Ticket Agent
Mike Burnside
Ann's Solicitor
Nicholas Rowe
Matinee 'Sherlock'
Sam Coulson
Matinee 'Kelmot'
Frances Barber
Matinee 'Madame Schirmer'
Hermione Corfield
Matinee 'Ann Kelmot'
Kit Connor
Boy - 10yrs
Zoe Rainey
Boy's Mother
Eileen Davies
Lady on Platform
Colin Starkey
Dr. John Watson
Sarah Crowden
Mrs. Hudson
Leila Wong
Japanese Girl