Thunder Rock


Roy Boulting
UK Distributor

Journalist Redgrave, tired of his warnings about the rise of fascism falling on deaf ears, retreats to an isolated lighthouse, far from the cares of mankind. There, the ghosts of a past tragedy tell him their stories, what they were running away from, which in turns forces him to confront his own fears.

A marvellous film, all the moreso for seeming to lie forgotten until one discovers it. Yes, it is propaganda, but it is so well done, one can forget that, and more importantly, be inspired by it. Redgrave's mental torment and Valk's performance make this an interesting companion piece with Dead of Night.

-Dave W.

Thunder Rock
4th December 1942

112 mins

Thunder Rock
14th September 1944

112 mins

Michael Redgrave
David Charleston
Barbara Mullen
Ellen Kirby
James Mason
Lilli Palmer
Melanie Kurtz
Finlay Currie
Captain Joshua Stuart
Frederick Valk
Dr. Stefan Kurtz
Sybilla Binder
Anne Marie Kurtz
Frederick Cooper
Edward 'Ted' Briggs
Jean Shepeard
Mrs. Millie Briggs
Barry Morse
George Carney
Miles Malleson
Chairman of Directors
Bryan Herbert
Flanning, Lighthouse Inspector
James Pirrie
Jim Sales, the New Pilot
A.E. Matthews
Mr. Kirby
Olive Sloane
Woman Director
Tommy Duggan
Office Clerk
(Mr. Preston)
Tony Quinn
Office Clerk
(M. Withers, Chief Accountant)
Harold Anstruther
British Consul
Alfred Sangster
Unknown 19657
Jimmy, Junior Office Clerk
Unknown 19657
Mr. Carter, Accountant
Unknown 19657
Mr. Campbell, Supervisor
Guy Le Feuvre
Henri Bouchon
(I think)
Milo Sperber
Mr. Hirohiti
Bernard Rebel
Italian Train Passenger
Unknown 19657
Italian Policeman
Unknown 19657
Train Conductor
Andreas Malandrinos
Italian Police Chief
Cyril Kent
Journalist Observing Nazi Rally
Adolf Hitler
(archival footage)
Joseph Goebbels
(archival footage)
Philo Hauser
Café Waiter
Unknown 19657
Girl at Café
Unknown 19657
French Soldier at Café
Unknown 19657
French Soldier at Café
Unknown 19657
Wilson, Director
Unknown 19657
Unknown 19657
Fat Woman in Theatre
George Spence
Man Sleeping in Theatre
Bill Rooney
Man in Theatre
David Walbridge
Boy in Theatre
Unknown 19657
Gaffney, Potteries Supervisor
(Vincent Holman?)
Unknown 19657
Tom, Potteries Worker
Unknown 19657
Potteries Worker
David Keir
Firstt Magistrate
Unknown 19657
Second Magistrate
Raymond Rollett
First Judge
Unknown 19657
Second Judge
Unknown 19657
Jail Warder
Vi Kaley
Old Woman In Cell
Unknown 19657
Unknown 19657
(Frederick Piper?)
Victor Beaumont
Hans Harma
Gerard Heinz
Dr. Hartmann
Arnold Marlé
President of the Vienna Medical Academy
Victor Rietti
Jack May
Member of Angry Mob

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